A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single Funko.

Well, I did it.

I got my own website. “The Geek Of Steel” has a dot com!  Now what?  Do I start my own line of toys? Write an autobiography? Star in my own biopic/hero movie? I don’t think the world is ready for that. Yet.

I will be using this site to document my adventures, review products, share my Superman collection and I’m sure a few Funko Pop photos will appear every now and again.

I hope you enoy whatever comes next.




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  1. Hi Luke! Greetings from a fellow Super-fan in Gibraltar! Always love to keep up on the Man of Steel and like to see how fans such as you keep him in our hearts with your regular posts. 😁

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  2. Love your work Luke, I’ll definitely be bookmarking your page, and checking in regularly! Up up and away Geek of Steel!


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