DC Exhibition: Dawn Of Super Heroes is coming To London!

I cannot wait for this event to come to the O2!

I found about it last year when Henry Cavill visited it in Paris and he took a selfie in front of his Man Of Steel costume. It had a very succesful run there so it’s great that it is going on tour, I hope the whole world gets to see it!


Henry posing with Henry when the exhibit was in Paris.

The event is an absolute must for any D.C Comics fan as there are going to be so many things to see. I think I am going to have to visit a few times!

When I finished reading the press release I was ready to go and wait by the front door of the O2 and be the first person through the doors.

There will be 45 original costumes displayed ( that is a lot of heroes and villains!), more than 200 original comic book pages from over the years and also a whole array of sketches and concept artwork from cinematic releases.

Oh, did I also mention that Christopher Reeve’s Superman cape AND Clark Kent costume will be on show…? I’m pretty sure that when I am standing in front of those iconic pieces of cinema history I’m going to get emotional. These are the costumes that helped me fall in love with my hero.

As well as Reeve’s costumes there will also be a lot more outfits from the movies, and television, on display. I hope you’re sitting down because this list of what is going to be on display will blow you away!

  • Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • Tim Burton’s and Joel Schumacher’s Batman
  • Superman Returns
  • The Man Of Steel
  • Batman V Superman
  • Justice League

I want to go right now! I never thought I’d be able to get the chance to see one costume from the movies but pretty soon people will get the chance to see almost the whole D.C Comics greatest hits collection!

As you walk around the exhibition the displays are in chronological order and seeing that 2018 is Superman’s 80th anniversary, and the 40th anniversary of the release of Superman:The Movie, it looks like my boy is going to be spending a lot of time in the spotlight!


There is going to be an almost a century of D.C Comics history on show and I really think that this exhibition would be a great day out for fans of the franchise, fans of Superheros or fans of movies in general.

I know I’m going to be going more than once!

D.C Exhibition: Dawn Of  Superheroes opens on 22nd of February at The O2 in London.

Tickets start at £22.00 for adults/ £11 for children and are on sale now.

There are also limited tickets available for a preview night on the 22nd February. These exclusive tickets come with a goody bag and glass of prosecco!

For more information, prices and to book tickets visit

The event will sadly close on the 9th September 2018, so there is plenty of time to visit once or twice. I think it would make a great day out in the summer holidays as it’s very easy to get to from the major tube stations.

Follow Dawn Of Super Heroes on their social media pages for more news.

I have also been informed that there will be a giftshop…oh oh.

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  1. ” I’m pretty sure that when I am standing in front of those iconic pieces of cinema history I’m going to get emotional. These are the costumes that helped me fall in love with my hero.”

    I empathize fully with this. Reeves was (and is) *my* Superman. I didn’t have access to comics as a child and found our caped hero through those films. I’ve been in love since, and I have do doubt that I’d shed a couple of happy tears when faced with his iconic costumes.

    I hope so desperately that I get a chance to fly across the sea and visit this. If not, I look forward to experience it through your posts, and flail along with you. 😀

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