Somebody save me, Funko have done it again!

It was announced recently that Funko will be releasing a line of vinyl figurines based on some of the characters from my all time favourite televison show, Smallville! I, along with so many other Super-Fans, have been waiting for official Smallville Funko Pops for so long and now we are finally getting some. Five of them!



LOOK AT THEM! They deserve to have a loving home.

I think the choices they made were great but I would have liked Funko to make every character that has ever appeared on the show. Ma and Pa Kent, The Blur, Clark in a football jacket, Chloe, Lana, Pete, Coach Wayne Quigley… Seriously, all of them!

For now I am very happy with Oliver, Clark 1 and 2, Lex and Lois. That President Lex sculpt is perfect and the eyebrows look very villainous!

I am so ready for them to get here so I can start photographing. I want to take the shirtless Clark to a corn field and shirt ripping Clark to a roof top!

My Funko figurines rarely stay in the box. They look too nice to be stuck in the cardboard cages forever. Set your Funkos free, people!

I have been collecting Superman Funko Pop figurines for quite some time and whenever a new one is released I have to add it to my collection.


My very first Funko Pop was the classic Superman. I knew he wouldn’t be the last!

My shelves are filled with the adorable vinyl characters and each one has more personality than the one that came before. Yes, personality! Even though the figurines rarely have many facial details, each one is still very unique and has its own character.

My all time favourite Pop is Clark Kent. Clark has been on many photographic adventures with me and I hope to bring him along on my travels when I go to the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL later on this year.



I always hoped that some official Smallville Funko Pops would be released. The show was such an important series to so many people that we deserve to have some figurines to cling onto when we come to terms with the fact that we may never get a season 11 (I don’t count the comics!).

I’ve been waiting so long for Smallville Pops and I thought the day might not come. I should have had more faith but I always had “Hope”.


Tom Welling and Erica Durance. Which are the Funkos and which are the actors?!

I have been tempted in the past to get custom Funko Pops made as there are some incredibly talented people in the world who can make any character you wish. Now that official ones will be released I can look into getting my own custom made “The Geek Of Steel” Funko Pop instead…

The Funko Pops will be released in April and I can’t wait to have a shelf dedicated to them all. They will be proudly placed next to my Smallville box set.

Visit for all the latest news and information and check out all their other products. There is something for everybody and if you can’t find what you really want, just wait, it might be coming soon!

The Funko ,and Funko Europe, Instagram page is also a great source for all your toy related news and their photographs are always fun and inspiring.

Keep on collecting, Funko Fans!

Luke-The Geek Of Steel.

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