Super-Tasty Jelly Bellys!


If I see a product that has my favourite hero on it, it’s going to end up in my collection. Whether its clothes, toys, aftershave, or band-aids, it’s going on my shelves of steel.

I have collected some Superman food items before. Pasta shapes, chocolates, cookies and so on, but when I saw that Jelly Belly were going to be releasing Superman tasty treats in the U.K (other heroes are available!) my heart skipped a beat and my sweet tooth smiled!

I love Jelly Bellys, they’re my got to movie snack and some of the gourmet ones are incredible. My niece once shared her “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans” with me and found great enjoyment in being able to know which bean was which flavour. I was then given all the ghastly ones such as sausage, earthworm and dirt…Even that couldn’t put me off the regular flavours!

Jelly Belly were kind enough to send me a few packs to try. My tastebuds were about to be put to the test!

I thought the beans were going to look like the regular beans, the classics. I was surprised when the packets arrived as when I opened up the pack carefully (so I could keep the packaging, a true collector!) the beans were bright and shining in the light.


Yes, they do taste like Justice.

“Shimmering” is the word they used to describe the look of the beans and “Unbelievably Super Tasty” are the words I will use to describe the taste! It didn’t take long for me to test each one of the flavours!

Berry Blue, Blueberry, Cream Soda, Sour Lemon, Very Cherry and Wild Blackberry are the flavours and they are “Super” tasty (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

The packets are a perfect size for kids and not so small kids. You can get Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman packs. The different packs don’t have different flavours but I’m pretty sure that the Superman packet makes the beans taste even better!

These will be available at most good sweet shops and can also be bought directly from the Jelly Belly site. Click here for more details.











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