Products Magical Mystery Box Review.

There are many “Swag Boxes” and “Mystery Crates” companies online and I feel that it is often a gamble when selecting which box you might like. I feel that it’s like Kinder Eggs for adults! Some may promise a few interesting objects or a rare T-shirt. I once had a subscription to a monthly box company and one month I found that most of the items inside could be found in my local £1 budget shop. I soon cancelled my subscription!


Recently Loudshop sent me a box to review and I was more than happy with it! Not only with  the cost of the box, but the contents that came with it. The box I received was called the “Superhero Swagbox” (great name!) and I was informed that inside there would be three comic related T-shirts and a mug. This particular box sells for £9.88 so I feel that is already good value for money seeing as most T-Shirts cost about £10-£12 each.

I did a live unboxing on my Instagram page and it was quite exciting to open as you have that element of surprise with not knowing what will be in there.  Will it be good? Will it be bad? Will I get two of the same thing?!?

The first item I pulled out was a great Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 shirt, one that I hadn’t seen before. I liked the white and red design as it reminded me of the classic T-Shirt worn by Flash Gordon. After a quick search online, after the unboxing,  I was able to find this shirt was available on other sites but it was priced at £15-£19 so I was impressed with the value.



The next item to leave the box was something black. What could it be this time?!  I recognised the art and then I ripped off the wrapping. It was a Dr. Strange shirt, but no ordinary one. It was a Dr Strange comic cover from 1969.

I like the design of this one as I have not seen many like this before. I wish I could have a whole wardrobe filled with T-shirts that display my favourite comic covers. What a great way to show off your hero of choice!

The bold colours combined with the rest of the black material make the images jump right off the shirt.



I had one more T-Shirt to pull out of the box and I was enjoying the surprises that came with each new item. I put my hand inside the box and pulled out a very recognisable blue…It was a classic Superman T. Now, there once was a time where if I saw a Superman T-Shirt I just had to buy it, no matter what the quality was like so I know a bad one when I see it or feel it. This was not a bad one!


You can never have too many Superman T-Shirts!


The material is soft and a great shade of blue (it makes all the difference!) and the colours pop. I might be biased, but this was my favourite item out of the box. Do a Google search right now and see how much a classic Superman T-Shirt costs. You won’t find an official one for less than £5.

Not only did the box come with three top quality T-shirts, all varied in style, I also got a very cute Marvel mug as well which I’m currently sipping from. I think the cute characters are making my tea taste sweeter!



In all, I was very impressed with this box and I feel it would make a great gift for someone or an even nicer gift for yourself! It was great value for money and the T-Shirts were all varied in style but were all great quality. After spending some time browsing their website I was amazed at all the different themed boxes they stock. They sell many types of “Swag Boxes”. Harry Potter, Justice League, Horror, Bands, Sc-Fi, and lots of  D.C Comics ones…that could be bad for me!


As well as the mystery boxes/bags they also have an online shop filled with clothing items, accessories, caps, toys, jewellery and so much more. I spent a long time looking at everything they sell and there is something for everybody!

Their Ready Player One T-Shirts are incredible and one of them has my favourite robot on it. The Iron Giant! I might have to wear this one when I see the movie later on this month.




I give this website two big geeky thumbs up!


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