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The awesome guys and girls at LoudShop were kind enough to ask me if I wanted  another mystery box to open up live on Instagram.  I of course said “yes please”! The last box I received had some great Superhero T-Shirts in it so I was very excited to open up another one. It’s like a Kinder Egg for geeky grown-ups.


When I had an email to say my parcel had arrived safely I ran home as fast as Charlie did when he found the Golden Ticket. When I got the box out of the packaging  there was a different box than last time. My first box said “Superhero Swagbox” on it and this one had “Movie Swagbox” on it. Suddenly I got curious and impatient!


I set up my tripod ready for the unboxing, hit “GO” on the live button and began opening up the box like a child on Christmas Day. I could tell that it was T-shirts right away and after being patient for so long I took the first one out of the packet. It was a Ready Player one T and it was as epic as the movie! It was black (can’t go wrong with a black T!) and had a vibrant 80’s look to it and a bold font reading “Gunter Life” and the image of Parzival was great. Does this mean I am a member of the High Five now?!

IMG_7368 2.jpg

Love these neon colours.


The next T-Shirt out of the box was another RPO T. Could I have three T’s just like the three keys in the movie?!? This T was a brilliant white and was villainous, I don’t have many of those! It had the IOI (Innovative Online Industries) logo on it. If I ever have to infiltrate their headquarters I will be wearing this to sneak in!


Villains need to be fashionable as well.

Time for the third and final T, would it be another RPO style? Yes it was, I had the hat trick! This was another retro one and I loved it! It was the “Gregarious Games” logo from Morrow and Halliday’s video game company logo. If I meet a stranger IRL and they spot the logo and recognise it then they will definitely get some geek points! The bright green almost jumps off the T-Shirt. I wouldn’t normally wear green that looks so much like Kryptonite but I will make an exception for this one.

IMG_7366 2.jpg

Halliday would be proud.

LoudShop have lots more exclusive top quality T-Shirts for Ready Player One but it seems they have designs for many other films, bands and T.V shows. I think their website has the same amount of pop culture references as the actual Ready Player One movie/book!


The High Five is now The High Six!

If there is a hero, film, band, cartoon, or even villain that you love, I am sure you will be able to find some merchandise for you to represent. My basket currently has three items in it. I am trying to be good and save money for my trip to America, there were seven items before I took some out. Here is what I will be ordering:

Most geeky T-Shirts on the high street are about £20 for two so to get four for £13 is a bargain and with the element of surprise which comes with it makes it a really fun box to arrive. If you don’t like a geeky gamble though you can still look around their shop and pick out what you want.

It’s true what they say, the geeks are inheriting the earth.

I am now going to go and choose a T-Shirt to wear and then I am going to go and watch Ready Player One, again!

Stay Geeky. Luke.

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