My Very “Super” Week.

This last week has been a very surreal and exciting one for me and I need to document it so that if I ever doubt that it didn’t happen, I have the hard evidence to prove that it did!

A few weeks ago D.C Comics sent me an email. Due to me being in the U.K the time difference was quite a few hours so I was actually getting ready for bed when I received it and as soon as I was done reading my brain was not going to let me sleep,I was bouncing off the walls!

“Hi Luke,

On behalf of DC Entertainment, I’d loved to confirm your best mailing address to send over a few ACTION COMICS #1000 goodies. Please let me know!”

My hands could not reply fast enough. I of course replied with roughly a million yeses and thank yous. I was over the moon that Superman’s bosses had contacted me, but to ask me if I would like to be sent something through the post made me feel like I was dreaming. I am still pinching myself.

The box of goodies arrived on Friday the 13th so this infamous date can never be seen as unlucky to me ever again. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and make an unboxing video with me in front of the camera instead of behind it! I think my face made a few expressions which I have not seen before.

After about an hour of filming I had lots of footage of gasps and screams to edit down to about ten minutes. I managed to get it done, made it live and then I posted it everywhere. I then sent a thank you email to D.C Comics and also a link to my video.

I was buzzing for days (as you can see in the video!), partly due to the items in the box but also because of the kind feedback I was getting about the video. At first I was worried how people may react to the video but I should never have doubted the goodness of Super-Fans. My video was a true representation of how I felt when I opened the box. Happy and giddy and excited. I am not too sure how I managed to remain clear enough for people to understand me.

Now, I thought that was it. I mean, who would expect more to come of this? I was already so happy and overwhelmed that D.C Comics, the company that gave me Superman, knew of my existence let alone send me such wonderful items. Then something else did happen, on the week of the release of Action Comics #1000. I got another email and my heart was in my mouth again…

I was informed that my video had been uploaded to the D.C Comics Fans page on YouTube. I was freaking out again! I clicked the link and there it was, my video on their page and as I clicked play the D.C Comics logo appeared and I saw the words “Verified Fan”. I got emotional, happy, excited and shouty all at once.

My Youtube channel is relatively new and I was anxious about sharing my reaction video with my then 150 subscribers. It was now being shared with over 27,000! I felt honoured and happy that D.C were happy enough with my video that they were willing to share it on their page and it made me want to start creating more content for YouTube.

I have been smiling all week and I don’t think I am going to come down off this comic cloud nine. Since my video was uploaded to the D.C Comics YouTube page it has also been Tweeted out from their Twitter page to about 2.7 million people and also the official Superman Facebook Page to about 7 million. Gulp. That is a lot of eyes and I hope they all saw how happy and thankful my reaction was.


D.C Comics, thank you for sending such a wonderful box of goodies to this Geek in England. You filled my heart with smiles and my head with memories. Superman means the world to me so to be acknowledged by the company that represent him means more than words can say.

Who knows where this encounter may go in the future, I would love for it to go further but right now I am very happy with my first “job” with D.C Comics.

I have felt unbelievably blessed over the last week and I have already made several plans to start paying it forward.

What would Superman do?

Luke-The Geek Of Steel

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