Batman Ninja. Another Animated Success.

What’s better than a movie involving Superheroes, time travel, robots and monkeys?

Nothing, nothing is better than that! I was lucky enough to be invited to a screening of Batman Ninja at the Warner Brothers offices in London and seeing this movie was an experience! From start to finish each scene is crazier than the one before. Explosions, emotions, and everything a good comic-book movie needs. Villains!

Batman Ninja - Villains

The more villains the better!

There were plenty in this one and they all had fantastic lines. For me, Joker stole the show as he always does so well. There are a few scenes with and Batman and they fight with swords AND wit.

I saw the English dubbed version and I am keen to see the Japanese version.  I have seen the Japanese trailer and the voice acting sounds as exciting as the visuals. Below are the trailers, in both languages. I loved the voice acting in the English version but the Japanese Joker (played by Wataru Takagi) sounded even more deliciously villainous!

English Trailer:

Japanese Trailer:

Now, let’s talk about the artwork. This movie needs to be seen on the biggest T.V screen you can find. I wish this film had a theatrical release in England as I’d love to see it again. I have never seen animation like this in a D.C Comics movie before and my eyes were everywhere! Sometimes there is so much going on in one scene I felt like I missed some of the non-stop action.

A few times in the film the art-style changes and it’s like a whole different movie. Kazuki Nakashima and Takashi Okazaki did a fantastic job. Combining very detailed anime with the D.C Universe was a bold move and I feel it really worked.

Batman Ninja - Joker-1

I want a Joker moustache!


This movie will be loved by die-hard fans of anime and D.C comics combined. I also feel that it may broaden some people’s attitudes towards different media. I have seen some manga before but after seeing the beauty of this movie on the big screen I really want to watch some more. Maybe we could have some Superman/Justice League anime next…

Now, I can’t read Japanese (yet!) but the official Batman Ninja website is stunning and it has quite a few trailers and clips.  I am off to see if it is actually possible to train an army of monkeys…If you see the movie you will want to as well!

Batman Ninja will be available digitally on April 24th, 2018, and Blu-ray, Blu-ray Steelbook and DVD on May 14th, 2018.


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