Secret Identity-The Origin Of Superman.

I know a few facts about Superman but I am always wanting to learn new information about my favourite hero and role model. I know about his powers, his weaknesses and what he likes to eat! What I would like to know more about is the history of how Superman became Superman. I know some of the story about how Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster came up with the idea for the world’s greatest hero (I could be biased there) but I want to know more. Soon, that could be an option for everyone in a very exciting way.

Late Morning Films are planning on making a documentary, combined with some beautiful animation, to help shine some light on how Superman came to be and to honour the two men who created him.

“A collection of interviews, animations, and cinematic storytelling will guide us through a world before Superman, to a time where no person could imagine one without him. Witness how the birth of an idea from two young men matured into the protector of planet Earth.”

“This film will tell the story of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the sons of Jewish immigrants who came from humble beginnings to create one of the most iconic characters of all time – Superman. We will follow them from their parents’ immigration to the night the character finally took shape. It will also examine Superman’s impact on our culture and the erection of a statue in his honor in Cleveland, Ohio.”


The film is being made by people who all from Cleveland, Ohio, just like Jerry and Joe. Rob Montague, Robert Reiland, Chris Davey, Joseph Jurecki, Theresa Hovanec, and Michael Wendt. Eric Leiser was also involved in the film but sadly passed away and the team wanted to continue with the project to honour his memory which is very noble.

Here is a trailer for the documentary and in it the director, Rob Montague, talks about his passion of Superman, comics and how the idea of this documentary came to be.

The project will involve story-telling, interviews with fans but also an animated story about how Superman’s creators brought the character into our lives. The animation is by Kyle Harlan and it looks beautiful.


Two heroes. Some of Kyle Harlan’s art that will be animated in the film.

Since discovering this movie I have been reading up on the history of Jerry and Joe and it is truly fascinating and emotional read. The book, by Brad Ricca,  is called “Super Boys” and I could not put it down and have already started my second reading! It gives a detailed look of Superman’s history but also about the trials and tribulations of the creators that we owe so much to. I can’t recommend it enough.

After seeing what Rob Montague and the team are able to create, I feel that my hero is in safe hands and this story that needs to be told so badly will soon be a reality. Just like Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster did so well.

To get updates on the film’s progress you can follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There is also an IndieGoGo campaign and it has some great perks! If you are unable to donate to the campaign that is fine, all I ask of you is to share this with anyone who you feel may enjoy being told this magnificent story. I feel that will be a lot of people!


Late Morning Films, good luck with this project and I look forward to the day when I can watch it and thank you for a job well done.




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