The Superman Celebration 2018.

Metropolis. The place where Superman calls “home” and where I will be very soon!

I have wanted to visit the Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois for many years and I finally have taken the leap. It is my hero’s 80th anniversary this year and also 40 years since Christopher Reeve’s iconic movie was released. This year felt like the perfect for time for me to attend. I will be saying goodbye to England and flying over really soon!

For quite a few months I have been planning and planning and planning! Booking flights, hotels and speaking with people who work in the town and veterans who have been giving wonderful advice for a first timer.

So, what exactly is the “Superman Celebration”? It’s a four day event dedicated to honouring the world’s most famous Superhero. There are stalls, a giant Superman statue, cosplay contests, a carnival, games, artist alley, writers, meet-ups and… celebrity guests!

Just look at this promotional poster and try and imagine how excited I am! So many members of the Superman family all in one magical place. My bucket list is getting closer to being completed.


So many guests, artists and writers!

As well as all of that there is also a Superman Museum filled with history! It opened in 1993 and is stocked with over 20,000 items. That beats my collection!

The museum is organised around particular eras and portrayals of Superman, spanning television, movies, and comics; and is changed frequently, to encourage repeat visits.

The Super Museum has received many honours as well including being awarded “#1 Small Town Attraction In America”. I know that when I step inside I will never want to leave. I have been speaking with Morgan Siebert who runs the museum and her passion for the hero, combined with her work ethic, makes her a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait to meet Morgan and pass on my thanks.

“I believe in my fathers vision for his collection and what it represents, we have always done this as a family and as he’s gotten older I just want to keep it going to not only honor the character but to honor my dad, my Superman.”

As well as having actual costumes, props, antique toys AND a traditional phone booth outside, the museum also has a gift shop…My wallet is already worried!


My favourite colours. I wonder if I there is a spare room…?

There will be other bloggers at the Celebration and I am looking foward to meeting them and thanking them as I have been a fan of these sites for many years and I am sure you will know of them as well.

I am going to be in Metropolis for about a week and I cannot wait to meet with some of the friendly locals who have been giving me advice. I am also looking forward to meeting up with other like-minded Superman fans from all over the world and the people who have been attending the celebration for years. I have a feeling I am going to fall in love with the city and I can already tell that I am going to want to come back next year. The people who I have spoken with been filled with passion about their hometown, the celebration and our hero. I think I want to become a citizen of Metropolis, I hope they will have me!

Metropolis, Illinois - Home of Superman

I will try my hardest to buy this wonderful statue and squeeze it into my suitcase!

I of course will be sharing my adventure with anyone who will want to listen. I will be photographing, filming, writing, drawing…I will be doing everything I can to make memories of the first time I visited Metropolis.

Join me on my biggest adventure yet as I will be sharing moments from my trip on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Youtube!

Luke-The Geek Of Steel.

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