My Superman Celebration Articles.

I have wanted to visit the Superman Celebration for as long as I can remember. I’ve always seen photos and reviews online and wanted to see that big statue in person and visit the world-famous Superman Museum. It seems that if you are a Superman fan, this place is somewhere you just have to visit. This year was a big year for the celebration. It’s 80 years since Supes first appeared on Action Comics and also 40 years since Superman The Movie was released AND it was the 40th anniversary of the Superman Celebration. This was the year I had to jump out of my comfort zone and travel somewhere I had never been before. Gulp.

Metropolis, Illinois - Home of Superman

I wasn’t able to bring this home. šŸ˜¦

As I sit here typing in my Fortress Of Solitude, jet-lagged and sad to leave so many wonderful people back in America, my only regret is not visiting the Celebration sooner. Without exaggeration, I feel that my time in Metropolis, Illinois was one of the greatest weeks of my life.

I travelled from London a few days before the Celebration took place as I wanted to get to know the city and the people who called Metropolis their home. After seeing some gorgeous houses throughout the week, some with classic white picket fences, I am considering boxing up my Fortress and moving there!

After a long day of trains and planes and missed connecting flights…I finally arrived. As I got closer to my final destination I was getting more and more excited as I began to see signs by the side of the road informing me that we were getting closer to the place that I had wanted to visit for so long.

I was driven to my Hotel by Chad, a very proud citizen of Metropolis who I had the honour of becoming good friends with. I will speak more about Chad in my next article. I met so many wonderful locals that I will have to dedicate an article just to them. It was dark and Chad asked me if I would like to see the Superman Statue. I explained that I would really like my first time to see it would be in the daylight when it was better lit, the first time my eyes saw the statue, I wanted it to be perfect! It was then explained to me that at night the statue is lit up and I was my mind was changed. TAKE ME TO THE STATUE!

The car pulled around a corner and there he was. Standing majestically in the spotlights. Superman. Standing strong and true and looking towards Market Street. I felt like I was home. The long trip was worth it just for this brief moment. I could have gone home right after this and would have been happy but my adventure had only just begun…

The next day I woke up in a very comfortable bed which was about the same size as my bedroom at home and was ready to take on the day. On the agenda was to walk around the town and get to know the area and also visit the Superman Museum. I could rant and rave about my time in Metropolis so my adventures will be documented in separate articles and the Museum is worthy of several articles, It was incredible! Wall to wall memorabilia, costumes and props. This was a collector’s paradise and to be able to see so many items up close was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it only cost $5 to go in! I returned the following day really early so that I could spend a lot of time filming inside as I will be making a video soon. The video will also help me to see what I may have missed inside, I am sure I missed something as the collection was everywhere. Everything from the days of Superman to present day. If you are a Superman collector, try to picture all of your collection in one place, now double it, and then double it again and it still won’t compare to the what’s on display and that’s why I need to give it the full attention it deserves with a separate article and video as well!

Now, the reason I visited. The Superman Celebration. A four-day event in Supe’s home-town. Celebrity guests, panels, artist alley, Ā Cosplay contests, Superman screenings and so much food! I feel this is the article that will be the most in-depth as there was so much to see and do and eat!

I just know that writing these articles will send me down memory lane and will make meĀ feel very nostalgic. I already want to go back to Metropolis and I feel it will be my new annual holiday, or should I say “vacation”…?


Articles to follow.

  • Superman Museum review.
  • Superman Celebration review.
  • My time With Brandon Routh.
  • Why I love Metropolis.
  • Food And Drink.











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