The Super Museum. My New Happy Place.

I have known about the Super Museum for many years. I often get tagged in photos from people who are lucky enough to visit. “Have you been here?  You should!” and “Do you know about this place, you’d love it?”. I did know about it and it had been my Super-Bucket List for quite some time and I am so happy I ticked it off after I visited the Superman Celebration.

I arrived in Metropolis a few days before the celebration so that I could allow myself some time to get used the city and also enjoy the museum before the streets were filled with Superman fans from all over the world. After a day of travelling, plane-hopping missed connections, the waiting was worth it. My first full day in Metropolis was going to be spent at the Super Museum and I couldn’t wait!

2018-06-06 08.21.17

I need a Superman stained glass window!

I walked passed the Superman Statue and after a few dozen selfies I walked up to the magnificent building which I had seen so many times before in pictures, videos and articles. None of them did it justice. The building is gorgeous and you can see it’s glory from blocks away. My favourite colours are all over the window frames and doors and there is even a Superman statue leaping off the wall. I had so much fun outside the museum as there lots of photo opportunities. There was a classic phone booth and even a cutout of Superman where you can turn yourself into the hero by placing your head behind him.

It was time for me to go in and I was nervously excited. As I opened the door I was thankfully greeted by the air con and shortly after that by the member of staff. I had walked into Superman heaven, A.K.A the gift shop! As far as my eyes could see was red, yellow and blue. T-shirts, toys, comics, pens, classic toys, new toys, mugs, candles! There was everything and I was amazed to see so many items which I had not seen before. My suitcase had no idea how much it would be carrying home!

After quite some time creating a shopping basket in my head, I made my way to the front desk, paid my $5 entry , which is an absolute bargain, and I made my way through the turnstile. I took a deep breath when the realisation hit me that I was finally here and I am sure my heart was beating to the tune of every Superman theme tune all at once.

If I had filmed my initial reaction to the museum it would have been silent as my jaw was on the floor and my eyes were everywhere. I thought the gift shop was impressive! From floor to ceiling my boy was everywhere. I was in awe.

As you walk around the museum there are sections dedicated to different actors, movies, T.V shows and toys. There is a section just for clocks and watches! I got lost in the George Reeves section as to be standing in front of some iconic pieces of Superman history was an emotional moment. To see his actual glasses and props from the show was a moment I am going to keep with me for a while. I tried to photograph everything as my head couldn’t take it all in, I am sure there were some items I missed as each time I returned that week I saw something new!

I don’t think my eyes blinked while I was strolling around as I didn’t want to miss a thing. There were Christopher Reeve sections with original props and costumes, a Superman Returns area, art sections, comic sections, Smallville sections! If you can think of Superman era,  an actor, a character, a movie, a toy, or a piece of memorabilia from your childhood, it was here!

Now, if I was to write down and catalogue every item I saw here then this article would go on forever so let me just say this. If you are a Superman fan/collector, movie fan or a fan of history in general, this place is somewhere you MUST visit. People of all ages and walks of life will appreciate this magical place and the people that run the museum do Superman proud every single day.

2018-06-07 05.38.49

As soon as they have a spare room I am renting it!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Morgan, who runs the museum, many times before my trip and we still talk now. Her passion for Superman, and the museum, holds no bounds and I am happy to call her a good friend. Morgan works so hard to keep the museum looking fresh and it shows. She is always updating the displays and working on something new. I donated, as many people do, a few items as I wanted to make sure a piece of me is always close by.

The collection is owned by her father, Jim, and one early morning I was able to have a conversation with him outside the museum. I saw him sat on the bench and I made my way over. We had a wonderful conversation about what Superman meant to us both and why we loved him so much, it’s a wonderful memory.

Jim is the definition of a Superman Super-fan. A few years ago the Superman Homepage interviewed Jim and you can really get a good idea of what a great man he is. Just by walking around the museum you can get a sense that this collection isn’t a business venture, it’s a building filled with love for a character that deserves it.

Metropolis is the home of Superman and the Super Museum is the shrine to him. It was everything I hoped it would be, and more.  If you would like to visit the Super Museum (why would you not?!?) here is a link to their site which also has a store


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