London Film And Comic-Con. Day 2!

I was up early again and ready for my final day. I had ticked off most of my goals the day before, so today would be more laid back but with two very exciting events. I was attending Tom Welling’s panel, as well as a photo with both Tom Welling and John Schneider. I was freaking out already and it was only 6 in the morning!  

Most of my day was going to be spent with Kaitlin and Adam, some relatively new Con-goers and I wanted to make sure their time was fun and relatively stress free. We met up early and joined the long queue. We talked about what their goals were for the day, as well as made a plan for where we needed to be first. The time moved quickly as we discussed our game-plan while watching all the different cosplayers come in and join the queue. I was educated on many more fandoms that I previously was unaware of. That is one of the things I love most about cons. There are so many different people with different tastes, all coming together to have a great time. Everyone embraces each other’s passions in a safe and happy environment 


With all of our talking and joking around, we didn’t even notice the doors had opened! The line started to move closer to the main entrance and it was go time! Kaitlin had a few autographs to acquire which is part of the plan we had arranged. I was to walk off and get one virtual ticket, and Kaitlin went off to get the other. This worked like a charm! We soon met back up, and everyone was relaxed, happy, and officially prepared for the day ahead.  

 The panel talk with Tom, and my final photoshoot wasn’t until the afternoon. Therefore, that meant most of my day was going to be spent walking the main floor and enjoying all the items that were for sale. It was a sea of vendors! I love walking around Cons as you get to see so many different talented artists displaying their work. There are some artists who are just starting up and those who have been in the game for years.  

 When I previously heard about one particular guest that would be appearing, I knew I had to meet him. Jorge Jiminez is a fantastic comic book artist who has drawn my hero so beautifully over the years. I wanted to get my special Action Comics signed and also the Trunks of Steel that D.C Comics sent to me to help celebrate Supe’s 80th birthday. After speaking with Jorge, and his translator, everything had been signed. We then had a chat about his art for a short time. I was blown away by his passion for my hero! It made me appreciate his art even more. I ended up buying a gorgeous print from him, even though I have no wall space left in my fortress! I shook his hand and thanked him for all the work he has done as well as for his contribution to the Superman world. 

IMG_8054 2

The artist at work.


My next meeting with an artist was one I had been looking forward to for a while. Kibla Ahmed/ Kibz. I met him at the 2017 Con and since then we have become good friends. I passed him on the busy stairs by chance and was excited to see him. We walked to a quiet place as I had some thank you goodies for him.

He recently created a great piece of art for me and he refused a payment, so a few small goodies was the least I felt I could do. I figured if I threw a pile of gifts at him at a Con he would have to accept! Kibla is a huge fan of all things comic related so I gave him a pile of vintage Marvel comics from the late 70s, some original Back to The Future books as he is so passionate about that particular franchise, and also a children’s book “My First Book Of Superheroes”. Kibla is going to be a dad soon so I thought he would need to educate his newborn as soon as possible! 


Support artists with your money or your comics!

Kibla then passed something to me. I unwrapped it from its packaging to see it was his commission which he created for me. To top it off, it was in a gorgeous frame. I was in shock! His creativity is matched only by his thoughtfulness. This artwork is already sitting proudly on my shrine to the Superman Celebration. Kibz, you are a legend and a great friend.  

Kibla’s Instagram.

Kibla’s Twitter.



Kibla, you managed to make me look good. You are an artist!


The day was seeming to drag as I was impatiently waiting on my next encounters with Tom and John. However, I was still enjoying my time looking at stalls and various vendors. I even bumped into my eldest Niece of Steel. It was my Niece’s first ever Con, her friend’s mum had brought her and her friend. I stopped to make sure she was having a good time, and enjoying herself. I had nothing to worry about! I was told all about what she had seen and what cosplayers were her favourite. It was great to see how excited she was. Something tells me this will not be her last convention!  

 Finally, the time had come. The Tom Welling panel was soon to begin. Kaitlin, who is a massive Smallville fan as well, and I made our way into the main stage room to take our seats. We both had Diamond Passes, which meant we had priority seating! We managed to get great seats, right in the middle and a few rows from the front. I was nervous. Clark Kent was soon to be sat relatively close to me talking about his acting career. Mostly, unsurprisingly, I was interested to hear most about his time on Smallville. Would I be brave enough to ask a question? Would I trip over my words? Would I say something dumb? I decided against it, so I could just enjoy the moment. And then, out he came to roaring applause and screams from the audience. In my head “Somebody Save Me” was playing! 

 Tom talked for a while with the panel host about how he started on Smallville as well as his time on Lucifer. It was then time for questions from the audience. The microphone was passed around and I was enjoying hearing Tom talk with his fans. Then, with a gust of courage, I decided I wanted to join in on the fun. Besides, how many times in my life will get a chance to speak with one of my favourite actors?  



I had a question planned; “What was it like working with Christopher Reeve on Smallville?”. Perfect! I could combine my admiration for both actors in one question, but then the question was asked by another Superman fan. D’oh! I still wanted to ask a question, so it was time to let my brain takeover. Bold move, Luke! In between listening to Tom answer many questions, I raised my hand like an overachieving kid in school in the hopes that the panel host would choose me. It took a few attempts but I was finally selected. GAH! 


The microphone was handed to me and I cleared my throat as I just knew my voice was going to crack when I spoke! “Hello Tom, and thank you for coming. You directed many episodes of Smallville. What are some of your favourite memories behind the camera?”. I think that’s what I asked! However, my adrenaline levels were peaking so I could have said anything if I’m honest!  


Tom then talked about his time directing some episodes, his influences on directing, and what he had learned on set. I was hooked on every word and trying so hard not to freak out that Tom Welling was talking right to me. This is a man who I have worshipped for many years and I didn’t want to lose it! I think I handled myself pretty well, I didn’t pass out so that is a bonus. While Tom spoke, he maintained constantly eye contact and I felt like we had an actual conversation. It was a memory I will cherish forever. I am so glad that I decided to ask a question.

”Life begins when you leave your comfort zone.”

 After the exciting panel it was time for me to head to my last thing on my Con-list, my photograph with Mr. Kent and Clark…. I mean John Schneider and Tom Welling! The nerves were back! I had changed into my number 8 ‘Kent’ Crows football jersey. My plan was that I would be holding my script which they had both signed. (And enjoyed reading!) I was calm(-ish). I joined the queue once again, and it quickly moved along.  

 There they were. Clark and Mr. Kent, smiling and joking around in between photos. Everyone who was having their photo taken with them seemed to be so genuinely happy and thankful that they were both there. In each photo, Tom and John were posing closely with everyone and then it hit me, if I am holding the script it meant the two of them would be standing awkwardly beside me! In that moment, I decided to leave my script with the staff members and just stand alongside the two legends.


My new family heirlooms.


My turn again! I walked up to my spot and shook both their hands, said a quick hello and thank you and then it was a “1, 2, 3” FLASH. I said my thank you to each of them, shook their hands, and then that was it, my time was up.  I joined the queue to collect my photo, hoping that it wouldn’t be of me crying or blinking! Luckily it came out fine, and now I have photographic evidence that it actually happened! Happy Luke. 

 So, then that was it. That was my last thing to do at London Film and Comic Con. I could not have asked for a better experience. I was able to meet so many stars and have an enjoyable moment with each one of them. The memories I made there will be making me smile for years to come. I also can’t conclude this sum up without mentioning that while I was there I also was able to meet some lovely followers. Another truly special experience for me.  I seem to have run out of badges as I gave so many away, worth it! I loved sharing my passions with you all and so getting to meet each of you is always a treat for me.  



Everbody loves a Con!

I am not sure what my next adventure will be but, I do know I am ready for it! Showmasters, thank you for such a magical weekend and for making so many people happy.

You are heroes without capes.

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