Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (And So Did I!)

A few weeks ago, the awesome guys and girls at Warner Bros. UK invited me to see a multimedia screening of Teen Titans Go to The Movies. So, naturally, I shouted my reply to them, YES PLEASE! 

 I had a very special plus one, as my youngest Niece of Steel was invited too. When I told her, she would be coming with me, she screamed for a good half an hour. She loves the show more than me after all! When she is not telling me about what’s happening in the show, or who did what, she is singing the songs to me!  


We left for London early in the morning and watched Teen Titans episodes on the train to pass the time. Then, it wasn’t long until we were in Leicester Square. We were both so excited. Lily had never been to a screening like this before so we both didn’t know quite what to expect.  


We joined the queue and began talking about what we wanted to see. A huge screen was playing the trailer, and it appeared that I was getting more excited than the other kids in line! After discovering that Superman would cameo in it AND be voiced by the magnificent Nicolas Cage, I was just buzzing to see it.  

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw something very pink…It was Starfire, Lily’s favourite character. She ran right up to her, gave her a huge hug and showed off her custom hair bow that had the Princess on it. I had no idea that the characters were going to be there, so I was winning some serious Cool Uncle points!  


“You’re on my bow!”

After Starfire came out we saw Robin and Beast Boy too, I freaked out! I love them both, so I really wanted a photo! Lily then told me the line was moving, so, sadly I didn’t get a photo. I was very well behaved however, and managed not to throw a tantrum.  We moved closer to the main doors where I was then I was asked for my name.  

 “I’m Luke but you might have me down as The Geek of Steel.” 

 “Ah, yes. Here you are. The Geek of The Steel and The Niece of Steel.” 

Lily’s face lit up as she heard her alter-ego and my day was made. The day was only getting started though! We made our way up some stairs, and then we saw a lot of balloons. Lily thought she was going to be sitting down right away and seeing the movie. Nope. There were face painters, balloon modellers, drinks, snacks, and sweets! I’m not too sure who was more excited. Lily or me! 


Lily and her plus one. Me!

We spent some time talking with other guests and trying some tasty snacks. The Teen Titans cookies were my favourite! Then, the Titans came out again, all of them this time! Everyone was screaming with excitement. It was like The Beatles had appeared! There were hugs and high-fives happening all over the place. I gave Cyborg a fist-bump which was swiftly followed with a “Boo-yah” by me! 


I gave the cookie 10 Noms out of 10.

We had some photos taken with the Superstars and then it was time. Lily believed the film was going to be shown on a wall that was made of monitors, so she was very excited as it turned out to be the biggest T.V she had ever seen. When we walked into the actual screening room we were both taken back.  

The Vue cinema screen was huge and the room was filled with reclining chairs. It didn’t take long for her to choose her seat, right in the middle of the theatre so she could get the best view. Proud Uncle! 

 On the seats were some snacks and some swag. Awesome stickers, posters and a really fun key chain. We sat down and got comfortable. But the real excitement came as the room started to fill, then the lights went down and suddenly the room blew up with applause. There were a couple of trailers and then it went right into the movie! More applause. 


The sweet keychain was on every chair along with some stickers. Everyone loves stickers!

Now, I never like to spoil movies when I review them but I will say this. I have never been in a cinema where the laughter was continuous from everyone of all ages. Sometimes by the adults, sometimes by the kids (me included) but most of the time everyone was laughing together and it was beautiful. 

I have always loved Teen Titans Go! as it is a show that enjoys being silly and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The show is filled with jokes, action, references and awesome songs. The film was exactly the same, but it was bigger and better!  

 It starts up with action and music and it didn’t stop until the credits finished rolling. Everyone was gasping, cheering and dancing. I spent most of my time pointing out unique characters and easter eggs, there were lots of them! There were so many jokes about the comic entertainment universe and it was just a joy to be in a room with so much laughter. It really is the best medicine. 

Now, again, I will not spoil the story but it was a fantastic tale about teamwork and being yourself. There was a fantastic message for everyone. This film is going to bring so many families and fans together. It quickly became one of my favourite D.C/W.B movies. It used a lot of different styles of animation and my eyes were wide for the whole movie!  

 This movie is a must for any lover of humour, D.C Comics, music, comedy or action!  

Warner Bros U.K, thank you so much for the invite. The Geek and Niece of Steel had a fantastic time. I asked Lily what her favourite scene was in the movie and her instant reply was: 

 “There was a part where Superman was a baby and he shaked his booty in a nappy!” 

 Now, who doesn’t want to see that?!? 



Teen Titans Go! To the Movies is released in the U.K on August the 3rd and is already out in America.


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