If Funko Pop Villains Had a Chat!

The rocking girls and boys at EMP recently sent me the following video to watch. I was told it was a comedy video with Funko Pops. I was already into it! The video is about a text conversation with a whole bunch of villains!

Joker, Darth Vader, Voldemort, Hades and a Demogorgon feature in the video and it’s hilarious! I hope they release more. I’d love to see a group chat with some D.C Superheroes. I might have to write one!


The video is all about dating and love interests. EMP asked which was my favourite D.C couple and because the video is all about villains I explained how Joker and Harley are a fun and interesting couple. They then asked me if I would like two of the Funko Pops which they sell on their mega-site. I replied with a great big yes and an even bigger thank you!


Everyone loves a Pop!

They arrived recently and they are majestic! I didn’t know which versions would be arriving so when they arrived I ripped the box open. They were very carefully wrapped which is always nice to see! I was very surprised to see that the Harley was an exclusive from Hot Topic, the very cool American store. I visited one recently when I visited the States and left with bags full of goodies! It can often be pricy to get these rare Pops posted to the U.K so I think it’s great the EMP can post them with a much cheaper rate!

Joker looked magnificent and I can’t wait to display them side by side. As a lot of you know, I am not a fan of Pops in boxes as they look so much better out of the box! Harley is a Diamond edition and looks fantastic in the sunlight. She really shines!



EMP, thanks for the Pops and for the fun video, I hope you make more of them soon. I recently ran into the some of the crew when I attended London Film And Comic Con. I had a quick interview with them and was asked to do my impersonation of a Wookie for them again. I’d do anything for EMP!

Here is another video from them where I was asked a few “Would You Rather” questions. They were a lot of fun!


Check out their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter AND YouTube!

They are taking over the Internets!

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