My Date With “The Monster”…

I was recently asked to travel to London and witness “The Monster”, the world’s largest inflatable obstacle course! It’s over 300 metres long and filled with all sorts of crazy obstacles to climb, jump and slide through. I had to see it to believe it!

I was invited there by the awesome guys and girls at Warner Bros. UK to help promote the DVD release of “Crisis On Earth-X”, the fourth annual Arrow special crossover. I was told that at the event there would be the chance to see people dress up as Superheroes and take on the epic assault course. Another great reason for me to go there and witness it all!

Now, I have some issues with my old man hips which meant I couldn’t participate in the actual course but I was still informed that I was still very welcome to come and experience it all as there was so much to see and do, and they weren’t lying!

The event was held at the gorgeous Alexandra Palace in London. The venue needed to be huge so it could fit the inflatable course inside, and with the unpredictable English weather it needed to be covered. When I saw the majestic building in the distance I could also see a huge line of people in their best sports attire and I could hear a D.J playing some party classics so I knew I was in the right place!

I signed in, walked through the massive Palace entrance and then I saw it…The Monster. The thing was huge and so colourful! If the Palace didn’t have such a glorious roof I am sure you could see the assault course from space! It had ladders, inflatables, a 18m slides, a tunnel of love and a “bouncy cage of doom”! I have seen bouncy castles and assault courses before but nothing like this. The name fitted it perfectly!

I spent some time walking around the arena and talking with people who had travelled from all over to take on the challenge and the energy inside was explosive. The place even had a dance-floor with smoke machines and two of the biggest ball pits I had ever seen.  One was a flamingo and one was a unicorn, a sight I’ll never forget. The ball-pits were a very popular chill out zone and now I want one at home.

Now, this is an inflatable course for adults so the food and drinks available were in large amounts with so much variety! There were waffles, cocktails, real ales, burgers, hotdogs, amazing Peruvian sandwiches and so much more to help you refuel after the epic course! This place was like it’s own mini music festival, they even had dozens of deckchairs in front of a huge screen which was showing all the D.C T.V shows. I could have sat there all day and watched those but I had more to see!

I made my way to the Warner Bros section and saw a mountain of bean bags! I talked to some of the lovely crew who were there and they told me all about the D.C shows and what will be coming out soon. I then had some with their photo booth and then I spotted it. A clothes rail filled with Superhero suits from the D.C Comics shows and movies! Bloggers who were invited to attend were able to dress up as their favourite heroes and take on the assault course. I saw a whole gang of Flash’s ready to run through the course!

The course was being used the whole time I was there by hundreds of people, I even saw a group of ladies there on a hen/bachelorette party. Everyone there was having an absolutely fantastic time. I think the D.J element helped. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left I dont think I heard a song I didn’t like or waned to dance to! That combined with the smoke machine and all the energetic dancing staff made the atmosphere feel electric.

I spent some time cheering people on at the finish line. Once you had defeated the epic course you able to celebrate in victory and go down a huge slide. I gave out a lot of high-fives to some very happy and exhausted faces. They had taken on The Monster and won.


All finish lines need a slide!

When I went back to the W.B section the beanbags were being used by all! I saw Supergirls, Flashs, Supermen and all sorts of worn out  heroes relaxing and laughing. As everyone sat and relaxed in the heroic chill-out zone,  the W.B photographers were taking more snaps of everyone. I even got to be on their Instagram page, that was fun!

Once all the heroes we were ready to head back to reality we were all given a goody bag. Inside was a DVD of Crisis On Earth-X and an assortment of American candy, perfect!


Tasty snacks to watch some tasty shows!

Sadly, it was time for me to get the train back to my Fortress so I said my goodbyes and gave my thanks to everyone involved as I had a fantastic time. The day was not over for everybody else though. The party kept on going into the evening until the place turned into a nightclub! I went on my merry way with a smile on my face and a Superman cape in my backpack which was kindly given to me after my time had come to an end.


Capes. Never leave home without one.

Warner Bros. UK, thank you for inviting me on such a wonderful day out and thank you to The Monster crew for making so many happy heroes!

The Monster’s next stop will be at the Birmingham NEC from September the 21st-23rd and you can get your tickets here. They will also be having some times their dedicated to children/mini heroes!

Crisis On Earth-X is released on September the 3rd and if it’s your first time ordering from the WB Shop UK you can use the discount code “WELCOME” to get 10% off. You can pre-order the dvd here.

Where to find The Monster online:

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