Undo Entertainment-A Shirt Load of Geeky Apparel.

Geeky T-Shirts. I am sure that most households across the world have some sort of geeky shirt hidden away in a wardrobe or laundry basket. Whether it be a band, comic, movie or T.V show, we love to represent our fandoms and T-Shirts are a fun way of doing it. I know I have one or two…

If you have been lucky enough to visit any of England’s major Comic-Cons then you probably would have seen Undo Entertainment doing their thing. Each time I have visited any MCM Comic-Con, or the London Film and Comic Con, I have always seen them there and they have always been so busy, and its no wonder why.

Their huge stall sells everything from Anime to Wonder Woman and they display all the T’s from the ground up! Shirts, hoodies, jumpers and dresses. Earlier this year I was able to speak with Louise. This was a feat in itself as I tried going back to their booth many times to grab her but they were always so busy! We chatted quickly about how long she has been doing Cons and how she visits America with her husband to collect unique and new T-Shirts to bring back to the U.K.


You won’t normally see them this quiet! This is before the Con doors open.

A lot of the merchandise they sell are items that I have never seen in U.K shops, and when international shipping can be so pricy, their business is a dream come true for any fashion conscious geek!

Now, I thought their booth had a lot of variety but when I visited their website, after I saw them for the first time, I was blown away!

T.V Shows, Disney, Marvel, gaming, kid’s, dresses, and a fantastic D.C Comics and Superman section. I was very impressed! I saw some classic designs at great prices but also lots of new T’s and cool designs. They really have a keen eye on what is popular and if you see them at a Con you can see how busy and dedicated they are to customer service. I don’t think I ever see them sit down!

I contacted Louise recently about how much I admired her work ethic and choice in T’s and we ended up coming up with an idea to coincide with my #GeekyShirts2018 Instagram challenge. Throughout the month of September I have encouraged people to share their collection and let the world know what they are passionate about and I have already seen some great ones! Louise was kind enough to offer some free T-Shirts to the people who share the most unique T-Shirts and have the coolest collections. Louise will be helping me pick the four winners at the end of the month and I know it will be tough so I am glad she is helping!

I got the chance to ask Louise a few questions recently and here is our chat:


Louise thanks for agreeing to this mini-interview. I know you’re a very busy lady so I appreciate your time. How long have you been attending Cons and selling T-Shirts?

We have Been trading since 2006. Our first show being a Stargate SG1 convention at the Thistle Hotel at Heathrow.

You are very passionate about your company and the Con scene, what are your favourite things about attending Cons?

Meeting new people, seeing friends and our extended exhibitor family. We also love being at the events where people are so passionate about their fandom.

Now, I have seen many Cosplayers taking time out from posing for photographs by browsing at all of your T-Shirts. Do you have a favourite Cosplayer memory?

It was a family of Cosplaying Transformers!


The cutest Autobots I have ever seen!

Do you have a favourite hero?

Wonder Woman and Thor.

You have access to hundreds of T-Shirts, what is your favourite style to wear?

Anything Nintendo or Mario, I’m a huuuuuge Nintendo nerd!

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

We want to continue to grow the business and bring an even wider range of products and properties.


Louise, thank you so much for answering my questions but also thank you making so many happy people at the Cons you attend. Sharing passions is something I am a big fan of and by you providing a way for people to do that is a great service. We live in a Geeky world where everyone has a passion about something and wearing T-shirts is a great way to show off your passions and individuality.

Where to find Undo Entertainment:


Undo Entertainment will be exhibiting next at EGX at the NEC in Birmingham. If you see them there give them a well earned high-five and tell them The Geek Of Steel sent you!

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