The EMP UK 2018 Halloween Party!

Last week I went to my first Halloween event of 2018 and it was SPOOK-tacular! The girls and guys at EMP throw incredible parties so I knew I had to shout “YES” when they very kindly invited me!


When EMP are not throwing parties or running one of the busiest stalls at Cons around the country, they are in charge of one of the Uk’s biggest merchandise websites where they sell anything music, movie or geeky related. Also, lots of Funko Pops…

Whenever I am at a Comic-Con I can always find their Stall as it is one of the biggest and busiest and they always have something exciting going on. It could be a free photo booth with fun props or freebies being handed out. Everyone loves free stuff! The crew are always so much fun as well as they are always engaging with the crowd and taking photos and filming. I have been in one of their YouTube videos and got asked some very interesting questions!

Their last blogging event I attended was a Christmas party and that was amazing and really got me into the Christmas spirit. I was advised to be as scary as could be for this party and was allowed to choose some spooky items from their huge line of clothes and accessories. Their Halloween section is huge! After browsing and contemplating costumes for a while I decided on what (or perhaps who) I was going to be!

With the help of my sister, who is an amateur face painter, I was going to transform into “The Zombie Of Steel”! My normal outfit of choice is a geeky T-shirt, a plaid shirt, jeans and a cap so I was going to wear my normal clothing but have a face makeover!  I chose a spooky/geeky Halloween T-Shirt with Freddy and Jason on it, a really nice plaid shirt, a classic black Superman snapback and to top it all off…Zombie contact lenses! Now, The Geek Of Steel always wears glasses so they were going to be staying on!


Not that scary but I looked very different after I was transformed!

It didn’t take long for EMP to ship out the package of goodies I had requested and I was ready for a trial run and I went to see my Sister Of Steel for a make-up session. I think I can remember a time when we were both very young and she put make-up on me. At least this time I wanted to be transformed!

The best thing about being having face paint and latex applied is that you have to sit very still, so it is actually very relaxing! My sister timed herself as she applied layers of fake skin, and blood so when we got to London she had time to transform me before the party began. I am not sure if the other train passengers would have appreciated my face if we put on the make-up before we left!


My Sister Of Steel was happy with her creation, I was in shock!

After my sister had transformed me she handed me the mirror as it was time for the big reveal! I was shocked as I looked dead. I showed my Nieces Of Steel and they both screamed and ran away so I knew my sister had done a top job!

One week later and it was party day. My sister and I left for London and we got there a little early so we had time for some sightseeing and some light shopping (I think my sister left with half of the items from the Disney Store!) before the evening’s festivities began. EMP were kind enough to let us in before the party started so my sister could transform my face. The venue looked amazing, the guys and girls did an amazing job of turning a bar into a spooky cellar. The bar was called “Old Street Records” and there  were skulls, clowns, spiders and cobwebs everywhere! The walls were open brick and gave the place a really spooky atmosphere.


A spooky setting.

While I sat down and had make-up applied I could see people coming and going and got to see the venue transform even more. A magician came and set up the stage as there would be a show later and a Tarot Card reader set up her booth in a spooky nook. This party was going to be amazing and it was only just beginning!

Finally, my sister had transformed me and the other guests had begun to arrive. There were spooky Minnie Mouses, Witches, Ghosts and Ghouls and it seemed that everyone was in fantastic clothes from the EMP store. It was like their latest catalogue had come to life and everyone was there to party!


“The Zombie Of Steel!”

When you arrived you were given a Goody Bag which was filled with EMP merchandise and tasty candy, most of it didn’t last the train home…We were also given some drinks coupons. The list of spooky cocktails were fantastic and delicious! The guys behind the bar had a busy night shaking away as everyone wanted them!


“Tears Of A Clown”. These were frighteningly moreish!

As all the bloggers partied the night away to the halloween themed Rock music we were lucky enough to be treated to some food. Pizza and Cupcakes. EMP, you complete me. Everyone was having a fantastic time. Bloggers were mingling with other bloggers and their plus ones, old friends were meeting up and new friends were being made all while a magician was walking around the venue blowing peoples’ minds!  It wasn’t long and the amazing magician (Christopher Howell AKA Norvill) was on the stage performing tricks for the whole room all while singing! I love magic shows and this one was spectacular. “Norvill” was also a fantastic singer so the mind-blowing tricks were combined with songs. Dinner and a show!

Sadly, after some more cocktails and more pizza, it was time to go. My sister and I had to return home before we turned into pumpkins so I cleaned myself up so that I didn’t scare the passengers on the last train of the night. We thanked all of the wonderful people who put on such a fantastic party and said our goodbyes to the fellow bloggers. The night was a fantastic treat and was nice to meet up with the people I have met while working alongside EMP. Emails are nice but handshakes and hugs are much nicer.

EMP UK, thank you so much for inviting my sister and I to the party. We had a great day and night and it has inspired us to be as spooky as possible this Halloween!

Also, because EMP are so amazing and awesome, they have given you all a 15% discount code which can be used until December the 31st. It can be used on anything D.C Comics or Marvel related and they sell a lot of that and because the code is available untill the end of the year it is perfect for Christmas shopping or to treat the most important person in your life. YOU!

EMP UK, you Rock!


Valid until the 31st of December!

EMP U.K’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page.

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