Kids can get “Super”-vision with Justice League glasses at ASDA Opticians.

As we all know, Clark Kent uses his glasses as a disguise but with these new Justice League glasses from ASDA Opticians in the U.K, the wearer will not want to go unnoticed!


Funko Pop not included!

I didn’t need glasses until I was a late teenager but if I was a child who needed help reading his comics I would have loved to have some of these heroic spectacles! They look, wait for it, ”Super”!


Why is my head not smaller?!?


There are two designs available and I wish my head was small enough for them both! ASDA have sold Batman and Superman glasses in the past but this is the first time I have seen Justice League frames.


*Will not give wearer X-Ray vision.

Children in the United Kingdom under the age of 16 are able to get a free eye test and if they need glasses they will receive a voucher towards them. I hope I get to see a whole league of mini-heroes wearing these awesome glasses!


Oh, Supes.

If you visit their website you can check out all their glasses for heroes of all ages, find a local Optician and book your sight test.

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