LEGO DC Super-Villains Review. Brick-Tastic!

Villains, puzzles, puns and references. What’s not to love?!? I have been waiting to play this game since I first heard the news and the wait was painful but worth it! As soon as I started playing the game I was hooked! The bright colours and music pretty much sucked me into my television set and it wasn’t long and I was in the game. Literally!

I began making my character “The Villain Of Steel”. I chose his outfit, features, weapons, even my glasses. The combinations were endless! Finally I was ready to let him loose in the Lego world and what a world it was. If it features on a geographical DC Comics map then there’s a chance it’s in the game!


The Villain Of Steel and some guy called “Lex”.

Metropolis, Gotham, Smallville Oa. I’ve only competed about ten percent of the game and I’ve already geeked out several times while spotting famous locations and buildings. I can’t wait to see what features later in the game. The Daily Planet building looks majestic in Lego and I may have to make one in real life! Driving around the streets of Metropolis and Gotham in a Daily Planet news van gave me so much joy! It was like a Lego version of Grand Theft Auto.

Now, I wont spoilt too much of the storyline here but I will say this…it’s hilarious and the cut scenes make the game feel like it’s also a movie! I lost it at “Kneel Before Grodd”! The story and constant change of location doesn’t allow you to get bored! Combine that with the music, action and adventure and you’re going to have problems putting down the controller!

Now, as well as unlocking lots of weapons and items for your own personal villain, you can also unlock many D.C Comics characters. 100s In fact! I’ve not felt the need to 100% complete a game in a long time but I feel I owe it to DC Comics to unlock every single item in this game!

Now, not only does the game feature so many heroes and villains, they were also voiced by so many of the actors and actresses which have brought the characters to life over the years! To hear Mark Hamil’s iconic Joker voice and laugh in a game that I was in (technically!) was like a dream come true.


I won’t rest until I have them all!

Lego games are known for their puzzles and this game does not disappoint! I’ve got stuck several times while streaming and luckily friendly watchers have been patient with me and even given help! Will the computer game make me smarter? I hope so! The game is great to play with friends and family as if one person runs out of ideas another can jump in with their theories.


There is a Selfie mode!!!

This game is going to entertain me for months and the extra downloadable content hasn’t even been released yet! I am very excited for the upcoming Shazam and Aquaman content!


Will Jason Momoa or Zachary Levi voice their characters…?

Now, I am going now to find Bizarro and 100% complete this epic game!

LEGO DC Super-Villains is out now on PS4, X-Box, Nintendo Switch and Windows.

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