DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History.

I love crazy and beautiful comic cover art. It’s how I collect. If a comic has got a bright or crazy cover I will add it to my collection. It’s not always about the storyline with me. Some of my favourite comics are the utterly ridiculous  ones. I have a comic where on the front Superman is having trouble at the dentist and another one where he is a panhandler. The madder the better!


Eye-catching covers!

Comic covers are not as always crazy as they used to be but they can still be magnificent. And eye catching, Sometimes an issue will have a multiple covers to collect and the completionist in me always wants the full set! When Action Comics reached the epic milestone this year of reaching 1000 issues and to celebrate they released dozens of variants. Am still trying to collect the whole set!

Insight Editions (The same creators of the magnificent Anatomy Of A Metahuman)  released a book earlier this year dedicated to the Variant covers which D.C Comics have released over the decades. When the book arrived on my doorstop I was amazed. The book could also be used as a dumbbell! I love big books. They always stand out on bookshelves and coffee tables and this one is now the biggest in my collection!


I like big books and I cannot lie! (Funko for scale)

I carefully unwrapped the box and placed it down to begin my first read. With some of my books that have dust-jackets they often have different artwork hidden away so thats the first thing I did. I carefully removed the dust jacket and saw a flash of something bright, just like when Charlie first got a glimpse of his Golden Ticket! I was looking at a majestic piece of art by Frank Cho. It was a shame that it was hidden as there might some people out there who don’t know about it. This book about variants covers, had a variant cover!


The first variant cover.

Time to dive into the book, and with a book this size I actually could!I decided to film my initial reaction to this book for a Youtube video but it was not easy. Each time turned the page my eyes were treated to something that jumped off the page. Even the list of contents was gorgeous and I was so happy to see that so much was in there.

Each time I turned one of the massive pages I was hit with a new image accompanied with some facts. I had seen a lot of these images before, and I even own some of the comics which were featured, but these images were on a much larger scale than a comic book. Some filled the whole page and were printed beautifully. No image quality was lost and I am considering getting an extra copy so that I can carefully take out the full pages and then frame them all. They are art!

Now, with a book that features so many iconic characters, drawn by some brilliant creators it’s hard to pick a favourite section but when I turned a page and saw some art by Darwyn Cooke, my heart smiled. There was a beautiful section dedicated to the artist who we sadly lost back in 2016. Seeing his vibrant and joyful art was a wonderful reminder of how talented he was. Comet was jumping off the page.


The art of Darwyn Cooke always makes me smile.

The first thing I did after finishing this mammoth book was read it again! Once is just not enough. Once I had put my camera down and my hands and stopped shaking from excitement, I went back and adored the artwork. Where the images are so large and of such high quality, you can get closer to them and really admire the art. This book feels like you are walking through an art gallery. Each page is a new framed masterpiece and you can stand (or sit) in front of and admire the work that has gone into creating it. This book is not just for comic fans, this is a book for art lovers as well.

Michael Allred's variant cover for Action Comics #1000.

Michael Allred’s variant cover art for Action Comics #1000.

Insight Editions and D.C Comics, thank you releasing this wonderful book. Daniel Wallace did an amazing job with compiling all the artwork and information and I am proud to add it to my collection. It is one that I will cherish for many years and perhaps in the future more books will be released to share the variant artwork that we have not been lucky to see yet.

DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History is out now and with Christmas just around the corner it is an ideal gift for that special someone in your life. You!

Here is my video review which features some more of the amazing content but fails to do it “Justice”.

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