I’m Dreaming Of A Wordery Christmas.

I love books and everything that goes along with them. Browsing in book shops, both online and IRL. Choosing a new one or being surprised with a book gift that I never knew existed. They look great on a shelf or a coffee table and some books just look as if they need to be on display. Digital books are great for when you are on holiday or commuting but to relax with an actual book and step away from the internet for a while can be a wonderful escape from reality.

At this time of year I start looking in stores and online to hunt for books that I have had my eye on  and items that would make a Christmas Day a little bit more special. I am not the best person to buy for as if I see something “Super” or comic related I normally just have to buy it! Family and friends know to ask me now so that makes it easier for them and I don’t end up with doubles!

Recently I was browsing the online bookstore “Wordery” and just like being in a bookshop in the real world, I was browsing for a long time. The selection of comic books and gifts were incredible. I did my normal subject search and typed “Superman” and then “D.C Comics”..,

“Showing results for Superman=1815 items.”

“Showing results for D.C Comics=5506.”

Wow. I was amazed! I contacted the website to pass on my gratitude for giving me such a huge list of options and the fact that there were some books there that I had not even seen before. I explained that I would be making an article about Christmas Shopping to give people an idea of where to shop for gifts. I had a lovely reply explaining that even more titles and a Christmas Gift Shop would be going live soon.

I was then given a wonderful challenge. I was given a budget of £35 to browse the website and the Christmas sections of the website and choose some items that caught my eye. I was in shock! I sent my thanks back to Wordery and then began the mammoth task of narrowing down what items to choose. I didn’t want to seem greedy and make sure that I spent every penny of the budget and I didn’t want it to be just Superman items either. It’s almost Christmas time, a time when you should think of others so I wanted to choose items that would appeal to everyone, not just this Superman fanboy!

I made a big mug of tea in my favourite Superman mug and began to browse. It was certainly a more relaxing environment than an actual bookshop at Christmas! Browsing the website was easy and informative. I was given ideas on what to look at. There were sections for everyone. Comic fans, foodies, movies, travellers and animal lovers. I of course went straight to the geeky section.

I saw Star Wars items, LEGO, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, gaming. I even found a book for Geeky Cocktails! There was something here for every geek in your life and also lots of items to treat yourself to! With the budget I was given I wanted to pick items for all ages and the site made it easy as there was so much more than just books. There were bags, stationery, games, gift sets and calendars. I think that if I was in an actual shop and saw all of these items in front of me I would have been overwhelmed and would have spent all my time just admiring everything! After some time I had made some choices and they weren’t all Superman related! Here are the items I chose.

I love sending thank you cards and letters in general. This WONDERful writing set is perfect for cheering someone up.  I love snail mail!


Amazonian mail.

Batman Notepads:

Everybody loves a notebook and these can help you be as prepared as Batman! There are three in the set and feature some classic art on the front.


I wonder if Bruce Wayne uses these in his meetings.

Now, it’s not a bottled city of Kandor but this Kryptonite is very nice displayed. I am guessing the protective case is made of strong stuff as I have not felt any effects yet, even when it glows! The ornament is a fun piece and is perfect for any geeky shelf or work desk.  The accompanying book is filled with facts as well. I love facts!


The Kryptonite glows!

DK Books make the best books about facts and if there is a passion you love, there is a high chance D.K Books have made an encyclopaedia/guide about it!


I love books at Christmas!

This is the latest D.C Comics book from them and I adore it! It is perfect for those who have been fans for years or those who are just getting started. It is filled with gorgeous artwork and has facts or every aspect of the D.C Comics universe. Everything from heroes to villains to quotes. I have been reading it a lot and had to make a video to show off  what is inside.


Well done, Wordery! Not only do you have such a huge library of books and gifts, you also provide free world-wide delivery! For those who don’t like to venture out to the busy shops fat Christmas, this is perfect for those who prefer to shop in the comfort of their own home or on their lunch break!

If there is a geek in your life who wants something special this Christmas, I can’t recommend Wordery enough. Great prices, an immense amount of choice and very helpful elves.

I am off now to search for some Christmas items and maybe one or two things for me…


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