Geeky Christmas Shopping Made Easy With EMP UK!

Ho Ho Holy Batman, its almost Christmas! I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping and that is a first for me, now all I have to do is wrap them all up! I am not a big fan of walking around busy shops and malls so I like to do most of my hunting online in the comfort of my Fortress and with a big mug of tea!

If you are shopping for the geeky person in your life (or if you want to treat yourself!) then EMP has a massive online shop which has something for everyone! It could be music, movies, comics or gaming. There is literally something for everybody! They also have a fantastic Christmas Sweater section that I might have to treat myself to!

The awesome guys and girls who work for EMP are always so nice. I often seen them at Cons around the country and their booth is alway busy! As well as selling official merchandise they have fun photo-booths, they interview guests and they are always giving away goodies! Check out the video below and you might see a bearded T.G.O.S!

I was recently asked to check out their website (this was easy as it is in my favourites tab!) and pick a few items which I feel would make great gifts for others this Christmas. I poured my tea into my Superman mug and sat down and browsed and browsed and browsed. EMP are always adding new official merchandise to their website so I was there for a while and the items I picked weren’t all Superman related. A Christmas miracle considering they have a massive D.C Comics section!

Here are the items I picked:

Jason Momoa is everywhere at the moment! Aquaman is soon to hit cinema screens around the world and he has already got a lot to male and female fans.I chose this poster for a friend of mine who is a huge fan of Jason’s. When I told her recently that I saw him at the London Premiere she was upset that I didn’t bring him home for her! A huge poster will have to be the next best thing!


Funko for scale!

When I saw the movie I was blown out of the water! The world needs more Aquaman merchandise and because I want to show some love for a fantastic hero, I selected this T-Shirt.


I want to be an Atlantean!

Who doesn’t like Funko Pops?!? As well as collecting Superman Funkos I do own quite a few other D.C heroes and as soon as I saw this magnificent Aquaman in his shining suit and matching trident, I had to add him to the virtual basket!


Funko Pops always look better out of the box!

EMP sell so many Funkos and they also have a lot of exclusives from America. Most recently they added the Superman from FlashPoint and if you order from them there is a chance you can get the Chase edition with the epic glowing eyes!


I need them both!

I had to choose something “Super”! When I saw this retro shirt I fell in love with it. It’s bright and vibrant and has my favourite colours on it! Now I want to join a baseball/softball/football team! “The Krypton Kickers”…?


My colours!

EMP UK, thank you so much for letting me select a few “Super” items, I know that the Jason Momoa poster is going to make somebody very happy this Christmas! Now, the items I have chosen may have been very geeky (obviously!) but as I said, EMP sell so much more and they are always having discounts and festive promotions!

I am going to go now and start wrapping gifts and then take some Funko Fotos of the Aquaman Pop. The wrapping might have to wait…

Happy Holidays!

My unboxing video!

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