EMP UK-Shopping for others!

Recently the awesome guys and girls at EMP UK asked me to check out their huge website and pick out a few items to show off. This took a while ad they have so much official merchandise. Music, movies, T.V shows and superheroes! I wanted to mix up my choices a little. I chose items, not for me, but for others.

This way I could check out some items that I may not have been aware of and I can pay it forward by giving the items away. The website really does have something for everybody so it’s a great one-stop shop for gifts for others (and yourself!).

I scanned the site and searched my usual keywords. Superman…Superheroes…The categories helped me branch out my options and when I clicked on the results I saw an instant win. Not only do I want to see the world in this T-Shirt, I want to see it as a movie!

Super Kitten Soaring In Space.

Fantastically Feline!

I have seen this T-Shirt at conventions but I am so glad that EMP have it on their site for the world to see. It is only available in ladies sizes at the moment but I will track this down on my size!

Wonder Woman Justice League T-Shirt.

The second item that caught my eye was a very stylish Justice League top. Fashionable but with a hint of geek. I like subtle Geekery and with the added Wonder Woman logo on the bag it is a nice added extra.


After some browsing the whole site (and falling in love with another Superman leather jacket. Do I need two?!?) I made my third choice. I found a Funko Pop that I didn’t have. Now, even though I was aiming to choose items for other people, I couldn’t resist choosing an item for me. You have to treat yourself too sometimes!

Superman From Flashpoint with chance of a Chase variant.

Dem cheekbones! ❤

EMP UK has a HUGE Funko Pop collection and they also sell a lot of American exclusives. Funko fans often have to spend a lot on shipping fees and import fees so when I saw the Superman from Flashpoint Hot Topic exclusive I had to add him to the basket.

Now, EMP also have some of the Chase editions so when you choose a special item there’s a chance you might get a rare version. I didn’t sadly but I was fine with that as I already have fallen for my new Superman Funko. I kind of like those cheekbones!

EMP UK, thank you for the goodies and the T-Shirts have already found a home. On a side note, I showed my own Ma Kent the SuperKitty T-shirt and now she wants one. This woman has never worn a T-Shirt in her life!

Follow EMP UK on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and YouTube.

I am now going to go and admire their Superman jackets some more…

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