A Heroic Challenge For A Super Cause.

A while ago I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicholas ” Nick” Cara. In his spare time Nick is a master LEGO builder and has even recreated the Superman Museum! I am going to order some bricks in bulk soon and will try it myself!


As you can probably tell, this fellow Superman fan loves a challenge and he set himself a new one about a year ago. We chatted recently about the upcoming Superman Celebration as we are both going and then we got to talking about the “Extreme Makeover SUPER Edition”…I was instantly curious and wanted to share it with you all.

Nick, who is also an author, is a master of words so I will let his GoFundMe details do the talking for me!

One year ago I was challenged by one of my readers to cos-play as Superman at the 2019 Superman Celebration.
Now let’s get this clear, cos-playing is not my thing, I admire those who do it but I haven’t dressed up in a costume since I was 12 for Halloween. 
But not being one to shy away from a challenge, I accepted. 

I have been using the Celebration as a marker every year to see the progress that I’ve been making getting in shape over the last 10 years so… by accepting this crazy challenge I decided to redouble… no triple… my efforts over the past year to get in the best shape I could to properly fit the costume. 

Over the past year I’ve dedicated myself to this task. Attending numerous Cardio/Pilates classes multiple times a week, playing basketball daily (sometimes twice)  and pushing myself to new limits with my diet and conditioning all in the hopes to pull off properly dressing like the Man of Steel. 

But when I accepted this challenge there was one condition!
Now that I’ve put myself through the most rigorous past year to properly fulfill my end of the bargain and cos-play as Superman here where I’m going to ask you, Grey-Ghosters, to step up and help. 

My only condition when I accepted: 
If anyone ever wants to see how all of this hard work pays off (on the Nicholas Cara Facebook Page  or ) and see a photo of me cos-playing as the Man of Steel at this year’s Celebration then we have to meet our goal of raising enough funds for ‘Connor’s Cure’ which is a part of the ‘V Foundation’. 

Every cent collected for this campaign is going to ‘Connor’s Cure’ which helps on the fight against pediatric cancer. 

Here’s a little bit about what ‘Connor’s Cure’ is:
Connor’s Cure, established at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation in 2014, was created by Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent, Live Events and Creative, and Stephanie McMahon, Chief Brand Officer, to honor the irrepressible spirit of this special little boy. WWE and Connor’s Cure raises funds to support pediatric cancer research. 

Battling medulloblastoma, a rare tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord, 8-year-old Connor left quite the impression on those he encountered. With a quick wit and infectious grin, Connor melted even the toughest WWE Superstar’s and Divas’ hearts.

In 2016, after raising nearly $1 million, Connor’s Cure has expanded their partnership with Children’s Foundation to gain an important new ally – The V Foundation for Cancer Research. This exciting partnership will continue to achieve research breakthroughs so that no child suffers as Connor did.

You can find out more about Connor’s Cure here . 

So that’s the deal Grey-Ghosters. I’ve put in all of the work over the past year: 
-Lifting (70% Increase on the Bench alone)
-Cardio classes (90+ Hours)
-Distance running (Soooooo many Miles)
`Basketball (180+ Hours)
-Weird yoga stretches (Still hurts…)
-And a diet that would make a skinny rabbit hungry.
There has been a lot of sweat and probably even more tears but here is where it all can pay off to help a great organization like Connor’s Cure as they help some great kids.

Please donate as much as you can, even small amounts will add up quickly. Remember this is all in the effort to see this author step WAY WAY out of his comfort zone and more importantly to help out some great kids.

-Nicholas Cara
Hero work.

Wow, that certainly is one heck of a challenge! I am very excited to meet Nick at the Superman Celebration and I hope he meets his goal as I want to pose for a photo with a real hero!

Good luck, “Superman!

Where you can find Nick:

Facebook, Twitter, Website.

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