Dear Justice League by Michael Northrop and Gustavo Duarte-Review by The Geek Of Steel

As a child I was inquisitive, annoyingly inquisitive! I am pretty sure my parents remember the day when I started to ask “why?”! I wanted to know how toys worked, why birds sang and why I wasn’t allowed ice cream for breakfast. 

A book that will be loved by Superhero fans of all ages!

These days I am still inquisitive but with the help of Google and Wikipedia I can get a lot of my questions answered without bothering people although I still can’t get a solid reason as to why I can’t have dessert in the morning. 

I do still have questions about Superheroes though, and I think I always will. I am sure I could reach out to those who write and create the heroes I adore but I want to get into the mind of a Superhero. They entertain and amaze me and with the new book by DC Zoom I think I am going to find some answers to questions that I didn’t even know I needed asking!

“Dear Justice League” will be released on August the 6th and is set to inform the world about how members of the Justice League really cope with day to day life in a very entertaining way. It is written by Michael Northrop and deals with problems both big and small and I feel that even though the book is aimed at middle school readers it will be a fantastic read for both big and small children!

Don’t tell Perry White that I am taking my break at my desk!

The book is filled with letters and emails from Children who need to know the really important questions about the Justice League. Questions such as…

Does Superman ever make mistakes?

What was Wonder Woman’s 11th birthday like?

And…Does Aquaman smell like Fish?

Now, even though the replies are hilarious they are also filled with valuable lessons about how to deal with everyday issues. Sure, Superman does admit to making mistakes but he also fixes them. A book filled with laughs, lessons and the importance of being yourself and the power of teamwork. 

Northrop does a valiant job of delivering a fun story with a great message and when you combine that with Gustavo Duartes art style you have a book that is going to win the hearts of many. I fell in love with Duarte’s art when I read his Bizarro comics and that same style is in this book. Even though I really wanted to find out how each character’s story finished, the artwork pulled me in and made me want to refrain from turning the page too quickly.

Superman approves and so do I!

Dear Justice League is going to be a wonderful addition to homes and libraries around the world and just as I had hoped, there is a sequel in the works for 2020 and that one will be called…

“Dear Super-Villains”!

I can’t wait to find out what questions the likes of Lex Luthor and Bizarro get asked. Maybe I should write some letters to the Legion Of Doom and see who I get a reply from!

Dear Justice League is released on August 6th and is available to preorder now.

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