The Boys-Spoiler Free Review.

Don’t meet your heroes, watch them!

The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes embrace the darker side of their massive celebrity and fame” and “revolves around a group of vigilantes known informally as ‘The Boys,’ who set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than blue-collar grit and a willingness to fight dirty.”

That synopsis grabbed my attention when I first read it! I became aware of this show earlier this year when a teaser trailer came out and I was advised to create a reaction video to it and boy did I react! The action, looks and gore were in high amounts and with it looked like it had a big budget. All of that combined with a Spice Girls track had me hooked! In this spoiler free review I will talk about what I got out of the show and soon I will record a #PodcastOfSteel that will be filled with rants, ravings and spoilers!

The show is based off the comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson who are both also executive producers on the series. I have not read the original material but after being blown away by this series the books have been ordered! I am sure the comic will be just as engrossing as the show if the creators of the original content are in charge of its adaptation.

Recently I was allowed to review the eight episodes that will begin streaming on Amazon Prime on the 26th of July. I was told that I only had one week to watch them and that was not a problem because as soon as I hit play I couldn’t stop! This show is like no other Superhero show I have seen before…Bad language, violence, murder, and tons of inappropriate behaviour-and all this and more comes from the so called “Supers”.

When it came time to watch the show I wanted to go in without knowing too much about it. I was tempted to read the comics first and get to know the story and the characters but I felt going in with a clean slate would help me see if the story would grab me. I didn’t want to know where the story was headed and be able to spot any irregularities between the original material and this adaptation. I am glad I did as this show had me hooked after the first ten minutes. 

Heroes don’t always have to look heroic.

We learn early on that the so called heroes are the true villains in this story. Drunk with power and fame, they are a law onto themselves and we begin rooting for the vigilantes that want to bring them down. Each new episode brings more sinister truths about the world of “Heroes” and why the world should be fearing them and not worshipping them. 

Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher. Not your typical double act!

“The Seven” are the main group of super-powered humans who are in charge of being the faces of the franchise of heroes who all believe were blessed with their abilities. Even though their costumes looked magnificent in every scene, I had to refrain from booing each time I saw them! This certainly very different to every other show that has a suit in it!

It took me about two days to watch the entire season and I am looking forward to watching it when it starts to stream again. The story really pulled me in and with each new twist I wanted to dive deeper into the characters pasts. I wanted to know how the heroes got their abilities, who was in charge of them and why there were so messed up!

It was clear this show had a highly qualified team behind it as the writing, direction, wardrobe, effects were great and that gore was intense! This is not one for the faint hearted but it has a storyline and characters that will pull you in, even if you are squeamish like me! 

I felt connected to the characters straight away and felt like I was a part of the show. I am a Superhero fan and to see characters who look like they have come straight out of the comics and act wickedly is something I didn’t think I would find too entertaining but it did! I wanted to see them face the consequences of their actions and The Boys do that with style and violence! 

The whole cast was amazing, the good guys and the bad. Karl Urban as Billy Butcher was amazing. The anti-hero with the incredibly bad mouth. Urban brings the grittiness to this show effortlessly. I was excited to see what insult would come out of his mouth next! His fight with Translucent (an Invisible superhero) was a lot of fun. Who knew a full on brawl would be so entertaining when only one of the fighters can be seen!

The suits are heroic, the people inside them are not!

Hughie Campbell (played by Jack Quaid) is the character I enjoyed getting to know the most. His girlfriend was accidentally killed by a member of The Seven early on in the series and he soon goes from a shy guy to a vigilante. At one point he was even called “mild mannered reporter”. He didn’t stay that way for long but I still appreciated the Clark Kent reference! We really get to see him transform throughout the episodes.

Even though the show is filled with many likeable, and hate-able, characters, they all really pulled me in and I wanted to know more about them, one especially. The Homelander, brilliantly played by Antony Starr. He plays a hero that looks the part but does not act like it at all!  It’s easy to spot the similarities between him and Superman and Captain America but that’s where the similarities end!

Not all heroes wear capes…some villains do as well!

Homelander is diabolically evil and it doesn’t take long to dislike him, much like the other members of The Seven, paid heroes who are adored by some and feared by others. Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve and Chace Crawford as The Deep look a lot like Wonder Woman and Aquaman. They don’t act like them though but their dastardly personas are very interesting to watch and develop as the story does. Can they be good or has fame and power got the better of them all?

A hero that brought some depth and mystery to the storyline was Starlight, played by Erin Moriarty. Starlight is the newest member to join the crew. She starts off as the classic “girl next door” type but that doesn’t take long to change and I was unsure if she would turn out like the others or see the light. This new hero is not all she seems, just like all of the so called other “Supers”!

The Deep has an interesting scene with a dolphin…

Even the smaller roles in this show pack a punch. Simon Pegg plays Huey’s dad and it’s hard not to love anything with him in it. Also, when you add a bizarre character played by Haley Joel Osment (yes, you read that correctly!) you know you have a show that will keep on surprising you!

Now, those who have read the comics might know where this show is going but for me it ended with a massive cliffhanger and I really hope it gets a second series as I was left with a lot of questions!

I cannot recommend this series enough. If you are a fan of superheroes, intense action and a thrilling storyline, then The Boys is the show for you, just be careful who you watch it with!

The Boys begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video on the 26th of July and I am looking forward to watching it again.

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