Episode #15 – With Special Guest Mike From Caped Justice Jewelry And Collectibles.

My first guest on the #ThePodcastOfSteel is just “Super”. Mike, as well as being a Superman cosplayer and Super-Fan, he is also the owner of Caped Justice Jewelry And Collectibles. A website that sells pins and so much more, all with a geeky theme.

We have been internet friends for many years but this year we met at The Superman Celebration for the first time and we hit it off in a big way. On one day I even got to help him into one of his custom made Superman suits…An interesting memory that we share on the episode!

Over the hour long episode (get a drink ready!) we talk about everything from Superman, Justice League July, SDCC and our love for all things geeky.

I am very sure that Mike will be back on the show very soon as we have so much more to talk about!

Where to find Mike:
Facebook- Facebook.com/CapedJusticeJewelry

Instagram- Instagram.com/CapedJusticeJewelry

Twitter- Twitter.com/Caped_Justice

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