Batman:Hush-Spoiler Free Review

It was last year when the world got word that the iconic Batman story by Jeph Loeb was going to be released as an animated feature and the world ( and this geek) was excited! It is a fantastic story which is on top of many fan’s “Must-read” lists.

The trailer was released back in May and it grabbed my attention like a Batarang to the head! The animation style looked fresh but had some hints of anime and the voice acting samples I heard left me excited for the main event.

Now, if you have read the original story you will know the outcome but do not expect the movie to follow the same storyline. There have been some changes and in the is review I shall not be revealing anything that may spoil the experience for you.

The movie is filled with heroes and villains, each getting their share of screen time. My main man Superman has some fantastic scenes and I was very glad that Jerry O’Connell was voicing him again. He really can bring him to life and in this movie, we get to see a new side of Superman, one that is not too likeable. Poison Ivy had no issues dealing with him though…

Even though new characters continued to be introduced to the story, it didn’t make it hard to keep up with the intriguing storyline and all the twists and turns that came with it. I have read the story quite a few times, as have many, and I was able to spot the differences but it didn’t take any enjoyment away from it.

I feel some viewers may not appreciate the changes from the story that they know and love, but it will be hard to not be entertained. The action and storyline combined with the constant flow of diverse characters took me on a roller-coaster ride, and even though I knew where the story was going to take me, I couldn’t see the twists and turns coming.

For me, this was another hit for the Warner Bros. Animation team and it leaves me hopeful for the future now that we have the news that other classic storylines are going to be made. I am all about the Red Son and Man Of Tomorrow adaptations!

Batman:Hush is available now for digital download and will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and 4K on August 6th.

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