Episode 22-Talking with filmmaker Rob Montague about a “SUPER” project I will be a part of!

A few years ago Rob Montague got in touch with me about a film project and from there on we have become great friends.

Rob is from Cleveland, Ohio. The same place where Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Jo Shuster. The film is titled “Secret Identity-The Origin Of Superman” and on this episode Rob talks about his project of passion, why he reached out to myself and Tasmin Humpries (The Aspiring Kryptonian) and how the two of us became a part of the project in a way in which we would never have believed!

Rob sitting next to Jerry Siegel’s desk!

The Podcast is a long one! We talk about our passions, movies we love and the project that made Rob and I become friends.

Secret Identity: The Origin Of Superman” tells the story of my hero’s creators and focuses on two Superman fans, myself and Tasmin.

Rob is a very passionate creator and just hearing him talk about this project has made me excited, and honoured, to be a part of it. We even talked about Rob’s idea for a Superman movie trilogy…No spoilers!

Rob, thank you so much for coming on The Podcast Of Steel and I can’t wait to see you in Cleveland!

Secret Identity Instagram.

Secret Identity Website.

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