Episode 23- Talking with “Cult Of The Batman” about his hero and the Joker Movie (SPOILERS).

On this episode I speak with an Instagram icon!

I have been following Cult Of The Batman for as long as I can remember, he is one of the greatest Batman accounts on the app and has created his very own community. I feel he is the brother account of my Instagram page!

We had a great time talking about his much loved hero, New York life and the good/bad sides of social media. We also talk about how Cult has managed to stay relatively anonymous on Instagram for the last seven years. I felt like Lois getting the exclusive interview with Superman and I didn’t have to go to a rooftop to get it!

Towards the end of the episode we spend a lot of time talking about the Joker movie and we warn you well in advance as we reveal pretty much all the spoilers. If you haven’t watched the movie, go see it and then come back for the second half of this epic episode.

Cult Of The Batman’s Instagram can be found here.

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