Haunted Objects Throughout History.

Do you believe in ghosts and spooky spirits? Do you believe that ghosts can haunt places, people, and objects? If you’re a little sceptical, we’ve made a list of the terrifying stories that surround some of the most haunted objects in the world, which might change your mind … 

Thomas Busby’s Chair

The legend of Thomas Busby’s chair goes as follows: In 1702, Thomas Busby decided to hang his father-in-law for daring to sit in his favourite chair. Of course, back then, such things as murder weren’t common practice, and for this crime, Busby was executed. However, right before this, Busby proceeded to put a curse on this chair so that no one else could ever sit in it. A little petty, don’t you think? Anyway, supposedly 63 people have since met their untimely deaths having dared to occupy his beloved chair. In 1972, the now owners of Busby’s chair (the Thirsk Museum) have had to suspend it from the ceiling, for precautionary health and safety reasons, of course. 

The “Sister ” Ring

This object – a silver ring, with the word ‘Sister’ engraved on it – belongs to a lady who claims that it has ‘the spirit of Evie’ attached to it. Evie, apparently, was a young girl who hated her sister. Not unheard of, sure. However, Evie hated her sister more than the healthy (?) sibling rivalry you might have experienced yourself. Evie hated her sister so much that, one day, while they were outside by a river bank, Evie decided to rid of her sister once and for all, pushing her into the murky waters, but as she did so, her sister grabbed on to Evie, and they both disappeared into the river. Their bodies were discovered a few days later, with one fashioning this ring. The seller claims that the people who have worn the ring have been overcome with ‘feelings of hatred, fear and jealousy’. If this ring isn’t a Horcrux, then I don’t know what it is!

The Bridal Doll 

‘The Bridal Doll’ is supposedly the UK’s most famous haunted doll, and the second most haunted object in the world. She has featured on ITV’s This Morning three times, and has made national news, globally. This doll has been known to scratch married men, remove items of clothing, make people’s skin itch, make lights flicker and make electrical equipment buffer. She can also summon other spirits, charging off the energy of other entities. She is now owned by the Haunted Objects Museum, and people travel from across the world to witness the hauntings of the infamous Bridal Doll. 

“The Hands Resist Him” – Painting

This famous painting, which now also resides in The Haunted Object Museum, is supposedly a self-portrait of the author, looking back on his childhood. The painting features a young boy, standing next to what you might, at first glance, assume is similarly young girl, but upon further speculation can see the dolls’ black eyes, and visible joints on its arm. You can also see 11 visible hands in the window behind them (for now!) There are numerous accounts of creepy things happening whilst people had the painting in their possession, and there are reports of the hands supposedly moving around in the window, sometimes disappearing. It is also believed that the boy in the painting is sometimes seen holding a gun. Viewers have been known to suffer blackouts and faint just from looking at it. 

Annabelle Doll 

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Annabelle Doll, widely considered to be the single most haunted object in the world! She has been blamed for demonic possession, and various near death experiences, and the fascination that surrounds her has inspired a multi-million dollar franchise. She resides in the Warrens’ Occult Museum (the basement of their house), where she is kept in a glass box, with a sign warning viewers: ‘positively do not open’. Originally, The Raggedy Ann Doll was given to a young girl called Donna, from her mother. Donna lived in an apartment at university with her roommate, Angie, and soon after bringing the doll into their home, they began to notice she would move around the house, from room to room, sometimes with legs crossed or arms folded. The Raggedy Ann Doll would also write messages to the girls that read “Help Us” on parchment paper, which they did not keep in their apartment. One day, the girls returned home to find blood on the doll, and decided to seek expert advice. Upon inspection, it was revealed to them that the spirit of a young girl, Annabelle, who used to live on the property, and who was seven years old when her lifeless body was found in a field where their apartment now stood. The girls, who felt compassion for the young spirit, decided to keep the doll, but it wasn’t long until the doll was found to scratch Donna’s boyfriend deeply across the chest, and after a few other nearly fata; attacks, it became clear that the doll was being manipulated by an extremely evil spirit, and Annabelle was exorcised and locked away, in the glass case where she remains to this day. Since then, one man who went to visit the museum, was knocking on the glass and making fun of Annabelle. On the way home, the man suffered a fatal car crash, and his girlfriend who was with him at the time claims that he was laughing about Annabelle when he lost control of the motorcycle. Ed Warren warns people not to challenge evil, as no man is more powerful than Satan. 

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