Episode 32 – Speaking with Tim Aslam, the costume designer for The Witcher

Recently the world has gone crazy for The Witcher show on Netflix. The action, the music, the locations and the storylines have taken a hold of fans’ hearts, me being one of them!

Another aspect of the show that has gotten a lot of love are the elaborate costumes. They range from armour to gowns to not much at all!

Recently I got the chance to speak with Tim Aslam, the costume designer for the show, on my Podcast and we had a fascinating chat.

We talked about the challenges he faced, how the actors transformed when they were in full costume and the issues that happened when Henry Cavill’s muscles were combined with his tight leather costume…

Many of the costumes seen from the show can be seen on Tim’s website.

Where you can listen:

Apple Podcasts / Deezer / Soundcloud / Spotify / Stitcher

Episode topics:

  • 7:10 Designing costumes with different technology
  • 11:23 Starting work on The Witcher
  • 14:00 Challenges with costumes
  • 15:45 Yennefer’s rope dress
  • 17:42 Making the costumes be suitable for fight scenes
  • 19:30 Favourite outfits and working with the stars
  • 21:50 Henry Cavill’s wardrobe malfunctions
  • 23:00 Henry becoming Geralt
  • 24:50 Henry’s devotion to the character and the story
  • 25:50 Geralt and Jaskier’s party clothes
  • 29:45 Working with Lauren S. Hissrich
  • 31:21 The differences between the games and the show
  • 34:30 Strong female characters
  • 35:33 Yennefer’s early look and her makeover
  • 40:00 Armour and Nilfgaardians controversy
  • 45:40 Witchers and Jaskiers at Comic Cons
  • 46:50 Advice for aspiring costume designers
  • 49:00 Costume expenses
  • 50:20 Tim’s next projects

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