A Freakin’ Fantabulous Box!

I got sent a mysterious box from DCUK Comics/Half Moon Bay and it was filled to the brim with Harley Quinn goodness!

Half Moon Bay’s website has something for every fandom and I was glad to see that the box I had been sent had lots of awesome-geeky items inside and I had MAD LOVE for all of them!

When filming unboxing videos I like to be surprised by what I find inside so I don’t take any sneaky peeks before I hit record and this video was no different.

I got my camera ready, made some room and dived into the bright red box. Sometimes it is tricky to film unboxing videos like this is all I want to do is study the things that are inside. That is why I like making videos as I can cut out all the moments of dead air when I am just admiring the contents!

Here is the video I made and here is the link to all the Harley goodies.

The Birds Of Prey movie is released on Friday the 7th of February.

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