Episode 34- Speaking with Owen Likes Comics about why Superman is still relevant.

I was looking forward to recording this episode!

Owen recently shared on his Twitter page that he would be making a Superman video and that is when I began to get impatient!

Owen Likes Comics makes very detailed video essays for his YouTube page. They’re all about pop-culture, movies and comics so when I found out he would be making one about my hero, I knew I had to get him on the Podcast to talk about it!

We chatted about comics, shows, movies and so much more and to hear Owen speak about Superman, and what he means to the world, was an honour.

Where you can listen:

Apple Podcasts Deezer / Soundcloud / Spotify / Stitcher

Here is the link to the Podcast on my YouTube channel where subtitles are available.

And here is the video that made me realise that I needed to get Owen on as a guest!

Owen, thanks for being a great guest and a fellow Superman ambassador.

Links to Owen’s Instagram and Twitter.

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