Episode 36 – Superman:Red Son Spoiler-Free Review (And Spoilers Too!)

This week the Superman:Red Son movie was released for Digital Download and I could not have been more ready for it!

Many years ago I read Mark Millar’s epic Elseworlds story and as soon as I closed the book I needed it to be made into a movie!

The movie was well worth the wait. WB Animation has released another classic that blew my mind.

As soon as the movie ended I recorded my “Hot Take”. I was overwhelmed, overexcited and overly emotional.

The second part of this episode features my Spoiler-Free review and I give LOTS of warnings towards the end as I finish off talking about the spoilers.

This film was everything I hoped it would be and lots more.

On the day I also released a Spoiler-Free Review Thread on Twitter and I was very grateful when I was able to interact with some of the cast and crew. I wish that one day I will be able to thank every single person who helped made this film happen.

Please enjoy and don’t forget to like and review!

Where you can listen:

Apple PodcastsDeezer/ Soundcloud Spotify / Stitcher

Here is the YouTube video where subtitles are available.

Superman:Red Son is available to download now and the Blu-Ray is released on the 16th March in the UK and on the 17th of March in the US.

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