Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep – Spoiler Free Review

In a world where we get so many movie remakes, reboots and stories being re-told, we sometimes do not want them or need them. It is hard to re-capture the feelings a movie that we got the the first time we saw them. When Doctor Sleep came out I was intrigued to watch it but never got around to seeing it in the cinema and that is something I regret. As soon as I pressed play on the movie a few days ago I was taken on a movie trip that I wish I could have experienced in a room with people who had their mind blown as much as mine was!

The Blu-ray arrived at my home and when it came to me to turn off all my devices and give all my attention to this story I had a choice. I could either watch the version that was intended for the theatrical release or I could watch Mike Flannigan’s director’s cut. It was like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book!

I wanted to be engrossed with the movie so I chose the path less travelled and went for the three hour cut of the movie and I am so glad. It was captivating, thrilling, scary and nostalgic! The time flew by but I felt like I was told a story where I could get really get to grips with the characters, the story and the storytelling. I loved it and the time flew by. It was almost as if I was in a trance!

I have watched The Shining many times over the years and it’s easy to spot the similarities between this movie and what many would call a “classic piece of cinema history”. Part of me did not want to watch this the first time around as I felt like the movie/story shouldn’t be touched, but I felt that this epic tale stood on it’s own but still treated the source material with the greatest respect.

The imagery, locations and sets were all gorgeous and there were so many nods to the original movie and the attention to deal was incredible. Now, I would hate to spoil this for  those who have not seen this movie yet but when you see some of the scenes in this movie (and you will know which ones I mean when you see them!) you would think you are watching the original movie!

I am going to be watching this movie again and I think I will watch the theatrical version this time and then go back and watch the D.C. Every single scene, speech and character was perfect for me and for someone who is easily scared, I loved the horror and even turned the lights off to feel more of it!

Please, if you have not seen this movie, get lost in it and if you have seen it you need to watch the Director’s Cut!

Doctor Sleep is out now for digital download and is also available on DVD, Blu-ray™ and 4K UHD. Watch this film on the biggest screen you can find!

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