Episode 37 – Speaking with John, a Wonderful Wonder Woman Superfan.

I love talking about about my passions. It could be Superman, comics or burritos! Over the years I have also gotten a lot of enjoyment out of hearing what makes other people happy.

I have been following John on Instagram for many years and his feed is always bright, vibrant and positive. John loves Wonder Woman just as much as I love Superman and his collection is incredible to say the least. He has everything from boots to bikes!

Recently I invited John onto The Podcast Of Steel as I wanted to dive into his mind and ask him some questions about his hero and his collection that could be mistaken for a museum. I wanted to know how his collection came to be but I also wanted to know “Why Wonder Woman?’.

Talking with John about what makes him so happy also made me happy and in the future I want to speak with more people around the world who share their passions with the world. We need more happiness and when John told me about the time he met Lynda Carter I couldn’t stop smiling!

Follow John on Instagram and check out his amazing collection of Wonder Woman items. John will be coming back on the show later on in the year to talk all about WW84.

Where you can listen:

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