I am a big fan of Superman watches. Ever since I bought my first Super-Watch over a decade ago, I was hooked on them! In my collection there are digital watches, chronograph watches and I even have some pocket-watches! Superman makes sure that I am never late!

Now, in this modern world in which we live in, some may say that watches are archaic and not needed. We have talking phones and devices that are constantly showing us the time. I am not one of those people! I love watches and especially when that said timekeeping accesory shows of my passions I love them even more!

Recently I was informed about a brand new Superman watch. Well, actually my phone blew up! Fellow watch-lovers (and comic-book fans) messaged me to go to the Undone Instagram page and check out their teasing post. As soon as I saw some Kryptonian symbols countdown my mind was set. I needed to know more!

I went to their website faster than a speeding bullet and then I saw it. My jaw dropped and credit card jumped in my hand! There it was in all it’s glory, The Kryptonian Decryptor. Stylish yet geeky (just like me…). It has elements of Superman’s classic colours and designs and with the sharp edges, I feel it was made for my not so dainty wrists!

As I continued to read the watch descriptions I felt like I was reading a menu after a week of no eating. Everything sounded amazing! Check out some of these details

The Sandblasted + PVD Coated Gunmetal Case, the matte black tactical rubber strap along with the overall muted colourway converge to give this other-worldly piece its sinister “Kryptonian Battle Armor” look, as seen on General Zod and his “fellow insurgents” in Superman: Man of Steel.

Subtle hints of Superman’s iconic hero colours can be identified in the thin blue minute track, the red of the the cerakoted crown, the seconds hand, as well as the bezel and dial highlights.

A nod to the extra-terrestrial origins of Superman: ”KRYPTONIAN” spelt in both English and Kryptonian dialects reside on a “Meteorite” texture dial.

Laser-engraved solid caseback featuring a transliteration chart of the Kryptonian-English alphabet.

If you reference Man Of Steel in describing your product, I am going to be a fan! I can already feel this phone on my wrist, that is how determined I am to own this. This will definitely not be kept in a box, this will be worn with pride. It will be like a cape for my wrist! Also…you can decipher Kryptonian with it!

The watch is available for preorder now and I have noticed that they also sell a Batman version…If they soon start selling a Wonder Woman watch I will have to complete the Trinity! And, if you wanted to show off your villainous side, there are also some Joker/Harley Quinn watches.

After seeing the glorious images of the watch I then read this brief description and I knew this had to be added to my collection. This is how you sell your product to me in a split second!

“Use this wearable device to decipher Superman’s messages with his home planet Krypton. This is an updated version based on the prized 1943 original “Secret Superman Code”. With a twist of the bezel, one can easily compose and decode secret messages written in Kryptonian- whether you’re out reporting about the end of the world… or busy saving it!”

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