I am in a LEGO movie! An interview with Hudson, the creator.

I am in a LEGO movie, at last!

This incredible stop motion animated movie was made by Hudson who is only 11 years old! 

Hudson lives in Metropolis, the home of Superman! When I was planning my adventures to the Superman Celebration I met Chad, Hudson’s Dad, and we became good friends.

Last year when I went back I was invited Chad’s lovely home for a delicious cookout and this is when I found out about Hudson’s creativity.  I was shown some of his LEGO movies and they were fantastic and just today I found about this latest masterpiece that has me in it!

I reached out to Hudson and was very happy when he agreed to be interviewed for the blog. When I was at the Celebration last year Hudson asked me some fantastic questions about my blogging career and after our interview finished he asked me some as well.

Luke: Hudson, firstly, thank you so much for putting me in your excellent video! Please could you tell my readers about you?

Hudson: I live with a family of 5 my little brother Holden, my mom Jessica, my dad Chad, and my dog Dexter, I live in a stereotypical neighborhood with (13) kids to play with that live 2 houses up from you a trampoline/ 2 other swings, I love art/ animation and music to ( LOVE singing ). And that’s about it. Oh and I also can play the saxophone and ukulele.

L:You are very talented! I miss Dexter, the family and your Mom’s cooking. How long have you been making Lego videos?

H:About 2-3 years.

L: How long did it take you to make “Luke:The New Superman”?

H: About 1 and 1/2 days. It is my longest video yet. It’s 1000 frames.

L: Wow! It is a very exciting story! How did you come up with it?

H: You inspired me.

L: Thank you so much, Hudson, that means a lot to me. You have inspired me to start making LEGO videos again. Did you have any problems while making the video?

H: I’m a pretty patient although sometimes I get very distracted, so that’s why I usually have earbuds in blasting music so I don’t hear sounds and my brother.

L: What do you listen to when creating?

H: 80’s music mostly. Queen, Toto, Duran Duran, a-ha, Kenny Loggins, Tears For Fears, Eurythmics, Journey, and many more.

L: I love 80’s music! I have a feeling that you are going to love the Wonder Woman 84 soundtrack! Do you have any other movie ideas?

H: I might do a couple more sequels to “Luke: The New Superman” and then create more from there.

L: Sequels?! I can’t wait to see them! What do you want to be when you grow up?

H: I wanted to be a chiropractor but now I kind of want to go to art and animation school.

L: Who are your real life heroes and why?

H: My friends for sure. If I didn’t have them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

L: Great answer! Here is my last question for you: Why are Superheroes important?

H: You know, sometimes, our everyday life-savers, it can be a lot on them, especially when the criminals are big, small, smart, dumb or straight up evil to the bone, that’s why people rely on bigger better heroes to take the job for them.

L: I feel lucky to know you! Now, I believe you have some questions for me.

H: Which do you or prefer Comics/Books/Movies?

L: I love anything where I can switch off. Sometimes I have a lot on my mind so to escape with a book is nice as I like making the voices in my head!

H: When did you start your YouTube channel?

L: About four years ago I started taking it seriously. I have recently started adding my Podcasts Of Steel to there as well. I think soon I will have to interview you on there!

H: Can you play an instrument?

L:  I can play the drums. I started when I was in school and loved it. I was never very good reading music but I am ok with rhythm and smashing drums!

H: Are there a lot of red double decker buses in England.

L: Yes! Not in my hometown as much but when I am in London I see them everywhere. I will take a photo for you the next time I am there!

H: What are your hobbies?

L: I love lots of things! The blog and my social media channels are a fun hobby and take up a lot of my free time but I enjoy it as I like to make people happy and I get to meet people like you and your family!

H: Finally, why did you chose Superman?

Here is a link to Hudson’s YouTube page.

L: Good one! I feel that Superman chose me. He gives me guidance, happiness and confidence. It is important to look up to heroes as it makes us want to be better versions of ourself and a hero can be anybody. A parent, a nurse, a teacher or someone who surprises you with a fantastic LEGO video. Hudson, to me you are a hero and thank you so for much for your inspiring video and I look forward to your first feature length movie!

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