Episode 39 – Speaking with Michael from Undone Watches about The Kryptonian Decryptor

Recently I was made aware of a new Superman watch that immediately caught my eye. At first I was tagged in a post on Instagram. It was like a clock counting down but it was in Kryptonian. It reminded me of the Man Of Steel videos that were released to help promote the movie. My attention had been grabbed!

I started researching everything about who posted this mysterious video. It was posted by Undone Watches, a company that I had heard of before as knew about their line of Batman watches. I went to their website and that is when I saw it for the first time…”The Kryptonian Decryptor” . I had never seen a watch like this before that represented my hero so well so I had to know more!

I emailed the company just to find out some information about the watch. Soon I began speaking with more passionate people at Undone and eventually an interview was arrange with Michael Young, “The Bracelet Magician”.

Michael is the Co-Founder of Undone Watches and knows pretty much everything when it comes to how a watch works and how a watch needs to look. From the moment Michael started speaking it was clear that he is not only passionate about his watches, he is also very passionate about making the best watch for his customers.

Please enjoy this episode. We talked about the Undone company, the origin story of the watch and why high quality levels of customer service is what gives Micheal the most job satisfaction. 

Where you can listen:

Apple PodcastsDeezerSoundcloud / Spotify / Stitcher

A link to preorder The Kryptonian Decryptor watch.

Undone Watches social media channels: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter

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