Episode 40- Speaking with Jimmy Palmiotti about Comics, Heroes and Passions.

Earlier this year I began talking with Jimmy Palmiotti on Twitter about his comics, passions and his life in the industry and we finally met in person at the Birds Of Prey world premiere and it was a great moment. Recently I asked Jimmy if he would like to come on to my Podcast and talk about his career in comics and also his latest creation, Pop Kill, that he has created with Dave Johnson. This story sounds insane and I can’t wait to find out more!

I was so pleased when he agreed to come on as there is so much I wanted to ask! We had a lengthy chat about so much and to hear somebody speak so passionately about their characters and the comic industry was a joy.

Meeting Jimmy at the premiere of Birds Of Prey.

Where you can listen:

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Click the link to find out more about Pop Kill and reserve your copy:

Where to find Jimmy online:

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Topics of discussion:

3:46 Starting in Comics

7:01 Eternity Comics

8:00 Working at Marvel

10:30 DC Comics

12:50 Gargoyles

16:00 Powergirl

17:00 Bringing Harley Quinn back with Amanda Connor

20:00 Coming to London for the Birds Of Prey premiere

25:50 Proudest career moments

29:30 Pop Kill and crowd funding

32:57 Childhood heroes and Superman comics

34:55 Legion Of Superheroes pitch

39:40 Harley Quinn and The Birds Of Prey book

41:08 Dan Didio and pushing boundaries and what didn’t make it.

44:00 Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

45:12  Faith in James Gun and SS2.

46:00 Marvel VS DC

47:17 Why comics are important

50:50 Comic show and tell

54:24 Harley has a baseball bat and so does Jimmy…

58:38 Why are Superheroes still needed?

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