Episode 41- Speaking with Voice Artist David Kaye about how he brings characters to life.

Where you can listen to Episode 41:

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On this episode of #ThePodcastOfSteel I was joined by dozens of guests! Superman, General Hawk, Megatron, Vandal Savage all joined me, and a few more! Well, just one really but over the years David Kaye has voiced so many characters in cartoons, films and video games that it felt like I had a whole gang of guests joining me.

We talked all about how he got into voice acting, his most loved roles and how bringing a character to life with just your voice is challenging but so rewarding. It was fascinating to listen to David’s answers and exciting when he suddenly became the character he was talking about. I could see him physically change into someone else!

I am fascinated by the work of voice acting and speaking with David was interesting and insightful. I can’t wait to see what characters he brings to life next!

Here is where you can find David online: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
David’s Website.

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