Episode 42 – Speaking with Superman writer Tim Sheridan

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Justice League Action, The Death And Return Of Superman, Reign Of The Supermen, Superman: Man Of Tomorrow, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation…Writer Tim Sheridan is a busy man and I am so glad that he found the time to come onto The Podcast Of Steel to talk about his passions and projects.

I have been following writer Tim Sheridan for quite some time and I love his work. He has written for many DC Comics/WB cartoons and movies and soon his next project will be released, Superman: Man Of Tomorrow. Tim told me a little about this film (what he was allowed to!) and I am even more excited for it now!

Tim has worked on some of my favourite Superman movies, The Death and Return Of Superman and Reign Of The Superman. Tim mentioned on the show that the original ROTS story was a huge influence on him so maybe it was meant to be that he would help bring it to life!

We also talked A LOT about Superman and the other animated movies that he has worked on and it was so interesting to hear about how all these creative minds get together and are able to create such wonderful films and TV shows. Justice League Action needs to come back! 

We also talked about another one of Tim’s upcoming adventures. He is a writer on the new Kevin Smith Netflix show “Masters Of The Universe:Revelation” that I can’t wait for. I talked with Kevin Smith about this project last year and I was immediately invested when I found out who would be working on it, Tim included!
Click on this IMDb link and just see the crazy amount of voice acting/writing talent that has worked on this series!

What I really loved about this interview with Tim is that how he is a fan first and a writer second. Hearing about how Tim feels about Superman, He-Man, the DC Universe and the people he gets to work with was a joy to listen to.

This podcast is a long one as we talked for so long about our passions and it was just two geeks fan-boying! Wait until you hear about the special connection he has between Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy

Tim, thank you so much for coming and being a fantastic guest. The moment I asked you “What does Superman mean to you?” I knew I was going to get a fantastic answer. My hero is in good hands with you and the team!

Superman: Man Of Tomorrow and Masters Of The Universe: Revelation both come out later this year and I can’t wait for Tim to return to the Podcast so we can talk about these very exciting projects as I am sure I will have lots more questions for him!

Where you can find Tim online:

Superman:Man Of Tomorrow and Masters Of The Universe:Revelation both come out later this year and I can’t wait for Tim to return so we can talk about these very exciting projects.

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