Episode 43 – Talking about the past, present and future of Superman with Dan Jurgens.

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The Death Of Superman is a story that is known around the world and one that is hard to forget. It has been homaged, referenced, parodied and animated. It is one of THE greatest Superman stories ever told and when Dan Jurgens (Comic Book Royalty!) kindly agreed to be a guest on The Podcast Of Steel I already knew what I wanted to ask.

I interviewed Dan a few years ago when I just started blogging and had a great time but now that I was able to speak with him face to face I had so much more to ask him! 

We talked about more than just The Death Of Superman and The Return Of Superman. We also discussed the importance of heroes, the future of Superman movies and Henry Cavill’s black suit

It was an absolute honour to speak with Dan and listen to his thoughts and memories of my Hero. It was also fun to hear his views on Trunks Versus No Trunks…

Dan, thank you so much for being a very special guest but I’d also like to thank you for all the stories you have given to my hero over the years and the years to come. Now, about that commission…

Dan’s Website.
Dan’s Twitter.

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  1. nice interview with Dan Jurgens. so cool you got to talk with him about his work, upbringing, his DC history and his view on Superman in different ways. been a longtime fan of his since I was 12 and have so much of his work which, to me, is definitive. always lookin forward to your podcasts with various DC artists and writers. they’re really cool and insightful. take care and awaiting the next one! cheers!

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