Episode 44- Talking with artist Christopher Jones about dream jobs, Superman and Young Justice.

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On this episode of The Podcast Of Steel I had a great chat with artist Christopher Jones. Christopher has worked on many titles and he may even be one of the youngest comic artists ever to be published as he told me about his early days in “the business”.

I loved hearing Christopher talk with passion about the heroes and villains he brings to life and I could have listened to him talk about his time working on the hit animation “Young Justice” all day! 

When I speak with comic creators about their careers it is fascinating as you get to dive into their history learn how they have grown as both an artist and a fan. 

I love asking every guest that comes onto the show “What does Superman mean to you?” and the answer that Christopher gave was perfect.

Speaking with Christopher was so much fun and I am really looking forward to when he can come back on and talk more about Season 4 of “Young Justice”.

Christopher’s Etsy/Twitter/Website.

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