The DC Fandome Special – Part One

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August the 22nd, I am ready for you!

An epic Comic-Con combined with Ready Player One. That is what I thought about when I first heard about DC Fandome.

If you have been living under a rock for the past few months you may not heard about this online experience that has been arranged by DC Comics but in just a few days the world is going to experience it and I can’t wait!

An online experience like nothing we have ever seen before. Panels, exclusives, reveals, collectibles, celebrities and a store…

On this special episode I talk about what DC FanDom means to me, what we can expect to see and I also reveal a few of my predictions. I hope they come true!

If you want to know more about this epic event that will be going on for 24 hours, check out the DC Comics website.

Since I recorded this episode the DC FanDome schedule is now live and it is epic! Check out this link to plan your day so that you don’t miss anything!

Here is a video that I recorded as soon as I got the news!

August the 22nd, I am ready for you!

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