The DC Fandome Special – Part Two with Mike from On The Shelf – The Series.

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DC Fandome was an incredibly exciting night for DC Comics fans. There was something for everybody. Movies, games, merchandise, cosplay. It was quite overwhelming the amount of content that was shared but over 8 hours I soaked it all in and tried to compose myself!

I watched the events with friends, bloggers and followers from all over the world and it made the online event feel even more inclusive. At a time where Comic-Cons are not happening, DC Comics put on an event that really helped entertain the world and made us all feel a little bit more connected through our passions.

On this special episode of The Podcast Of Steel my guest is one of those who joined me in my DC Comics Zoom Room (I like how that sounds!). Mike is a great friend and we had a lot of fun watching the trailers and the panels together. We talk about our personal highlights from FanDome, the future of DC’s movie/games/shows and what it means to be a fan.

Mike’s show “On The Shelf-The Series” is all about people’s passions and what makes them happy. I wonder if in the future he might let me come on his show…?

Where to find On The Shelf online: Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube.

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