Superman:Man Of Tomorrow – Spoiler free review and some questions with the writer Tim Sheridan

I have been waiting to watch this movie as soon as I heard about it at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con and when I finally saw the trailer I became even more impatient! A Superman standalone animated movie which features Martian Manhunter, Parasite, all the usual Super-members AND Lobo! When I started researching on IMDB who was going to be in this WB animated feature, I became even more excited. So much talent and they all did a fantastic job but I will get to that later on.

Right now the film is playing in the background and I keep getting distracted. Explosive visuals, bright colours, hard-hitting dialogue and the sound effects of Lobo’s punches that almost gave me bruises!

So, for those that do not know what this film about, heres the synopsis and the trailer:

“Daily Planet intern Clark Kent takes learning-on-the-job to new extremes when Lobo and Parasite set their sights on Metropolis.

Interesting, right? Even though this is a new Superman story it is not your typical origin story. We know his past, we know how he came to be on Earth but do we really need to see Krypton blow up one more time? Do we need to see Bruce Wayne’s parents in that ominous alley? No. We know how they became the heroes they were destined to be. In this film we get some glimpses into Clark’s past, and how he was raised, but this story is how he learned to be Superman and embrace his powers. The flying in the film was glorious and I wish we could get more airborne fights. Superman can fly, let him fly AND fight!

Darren Criss as Superman/Clark Kent was delightful. He’s younger in this and I found it hilarious that he was an intern. Not only at The Daily Planet but also as self proclaimed hero. He makes mistakes, he’s hungry to develop and he never gives up..not even after going toe to toe with Lobo! Also, the nickname of “Coffee-Boy” was just too much!

Zachary Quinto as Lex Luthor was a brilliant casting choice. Wes Gleason strikes again! Quinto is wonderful as a villain and brings charm and villainy to the role effortlessly. Lex is very nonchalant in this which somehow makes his threats even more threatening.

Alexandra Daddario soon became a favourite Lois Lane of mine . Witty, funny, tenacious and curious. A classic Lois who would do anything to get the story. Her relationship with Clark was very well done. Power-moves and encouragement. I would have loved to see some more of Lois and Superman together but I did get a rooftoop scene that I was very happy about!

Ike Amadi as Martian Manhunter was one of my highlights. I am a big fan of M.M. and Amadi did a fantastic job of bringing him to life. His voice is sublime and made me want to sit down with J’onn J’onzz and have a encouraging talk about how I could do better! His mentor relationship with Superman in the movie was very nicely done.

Brett Dalton as Parasite/Rudy Jones was great as well. A character/villain that doesn’t get featured too often but I am glad this film did both characters justice. His scenes were always chilling and threatening but the scenes with Clark and Rudy were touching and personal.

Lobo…where do I begin?!? I now want a flying motorbike and I’m considering growing my beard out! Ryan Hurst is Lobo from now on. For me he really stole the show and me being a Superman fan is a big thing for me to be ok with. His dialogue kept me laughing throughout the whole movie and his fight scenes with Superman were brilliantly done and left me wanting more. In one particular scene we get to see a new side of Superman, one that I don’t think has been shown before, but it makes perfect sense. When you see it, you’ll know what I mean! I like to call it “The Superman’s New Clothes”! Also, thanks to Lobo I need to learn the Appelaxian mating dance…

Another character that got some love in this film was Pa Kent and I was very happy about that. He was played perfectly by Neil Flynn and I like the link he has to my hero’s heritage. He famously played “Janitor” on Scrubs which is one of my most loved sitcoms and has a brilliant theme tune that includes the line…”I’m no Superman‘. His fatherly advice to Clark in the film was beautifully done and I wanted a lot more of it. Also, the Kent farmhouse was yellow just like in Smallville. I like the little things!

So, what did I think of the film? Sometimes when you wait for something for so long you don’t get the full effect you were hoping for. This was not the case! I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and if this is what the future of the DCAU looks like then I can’t wait for more. The film had heart, exciting visuals, an action-packed story and fights that had me on the edge of my seat. The final act was intense to say the least. As I was waiting for a post-credit scene all I saw was my reflection in the television pressing play again as I wanted to watch it all again.

Tim Sheridan really gets Superman and I was honoured to speak with him a while ago on The Podcast Of Steel. At the time he couldn’t say too much about the movie but I knew my hero was in great hands as Tim really understand the character. I feel I need to get Tim back on the show so I can get all the behind the scenes details now! When you combine Tim’s writing with Wes Gleason‘s skills as a voice director, producers Butch Lukic/James Kreig/Kimberly Moreau/Sam Register and a director like Chris Palmer, you are going to be entertained from start to finish. Bravo to everyone that worked on this movie. Thank you from the bottom of my geeky heart!

Recently SciFiNow on Twitter hosted a Watch-along for the movie and I had a great time watching it with many other Superman fans. During the event I got to ask Tim some questions as he was watching as well. Here are the questions I asked Tim:

Luke Bugg: This could be a challenge as Twitter only allows you so many words.. Tim, what does Superman mean to you?
Tim Sheridan: Nah, this is easy. To me, Superman means hope — for all mankind, for a better tomorrow.

LB: How did you feel when you saw your name on the opening credits for the first time?
TS: My name’s not IN the opening credits, LUKE. Thanks for reminding me! =D (But when I saw it in the end credits? I believe you say “chuffed to bits”?)

LB: The movie spends some time discussing weaknesses. What are yours?
TS: My biggest weakness — lightly salted potato chips. =) My second biggest weakness — fully salted potato chips.

LB: Tim, if you had Superman’s powers for the day, what would you do?
TS: Good question! I wish I would do something heroic, but the truth is I’d probably head up into orbit for a little while and see how small and fragile our world really is.

I had so much fun at the watch-along and I discovered that Live-Tweeting is an extreme sport! Tim’s answers were perfect, just like his writing.

Here is a video of when Tim was a special guest on The Podcast Of Steel.


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