Episode 48 – Speaking with artist Kristopher Meadows about meeting Christopher Reeve, his love for Superman and his Sideshow Collectibles print “Someone To Believe In”.

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This week on the Podcast Kristopher Meadows is my guest and this show has been a long time coming!

Kristopher and I have been messaging each other for quite some time since our paths crossed. I love his artwork and passion for Superman, especially Christopher Reeve. We are kindred spirits and that shows on this episode as we couldn’t stop talking!

We talk all about our love for our favourite hero but what I really wanted to talk about was Kris’ art and his interactions with Christopher Reeve. I heard some of the anecdotes over the years but I wanted a full rundown!

One of the other reasons I needed Kris to appear on the show was to find out more about his current project. Sideshow Collectibles is currently selling one of Kris’s prints and it is spectacular and the story behind it is just as amazing as the art.

I  have shared the artwork all over my social media channel as I can’t get enough it! Here is a link to the Sideshow website and if you have not seen “Someone To Believe In” you will see why the artwork just grabbed a hold of my heart.

On the Podcast Kris also talked about how a fateful encounter with Jim Bowers (from Caped Wonder and Caped Wonder Podcast) literally changed his life and if that meeting hadn’t happened, this artwork and Kris’ life would be completely different.

I had a great time on this episode. Not just because Kris is a wonderful storyteller but it was just so heartwarming to sit down and speak with another Superman Super-fan. 

I am so happy that Kris is working side by side with Sideshow and I cannot wait to see what artwork he releases next. His attention to detail combined with his own high standards is a great combination. I can’t wait to have Kris back on the show in the future as I have a feeling we will see a lot more art from him in the future.

Click here to check out “Someone To Believe In” on Sideshow Collectibles’ website.
Kris’ Instagram. (If you want a personalised autographed print you can message him here)
Kris’ Website.

Jim Bowers’ Website and Podcast.

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